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Getting housing and disability help

How do i apply for housing assiStance? Will the ssi people fill that out for me

I don’t know. Maybe you could call the Dept. of Human Services and ask them.

I don’t think social security will help you out with that. You gotta find out what programs you’re town has in place. They’ll check if you qualify and put you on a waiting list.

You can usually go through Social Services. They can go over the options that they have available for the community that you live in, and help you apply for services. There is usually a waiting list, if you are approved they will put you on the list. You can also check for assistance in your area, if you are in the States.

Where to start the process…

Housing assistance…

If you do a search for the DHS in your area… they would have more answers.

I hope you get some help soon.

if you are in the US-you can look in the phone book under your county and find section 8 housing. It took 3 months for my son to get his, but it was so worth it!
Good luck!

I want section 8 housing

I’m in a group home now