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Good news and bad news...girlfriend is gambling again


well the bad news is that my girlfriend has gambled the last two nights in a row. the good news is that she’s up $2800 and claims she’s done for a while now…this will be the first night she breaks the habit so we will see…she’s been real nice bringing home KFC and McDonald’s. and she gave me $100 just since I shared my winnings with her a while back. I hope she doesn’t start gambling heavy again.


Gambling can surely be a problem. I remember years ago, a gambling friend told me he was really getting into computers. I was so glad for him because I thought he was developing a healthy interest. But, then, I learned that he only wanted to do computers so he could bet on horses or something.


maybe you could go to AL anon for families of addicts.


Let’s hope she isn’t hooked. That sure is a powerful inducement to keep gambling. It’s a story I’ve heard over and over - someone wins a lot of money, gets hooked, and ends up in debt. See if you can keep her away from gambling for a while.


Hope you guys can keep the money.
if she is a hardcore gambler-maybe she can get into a support group for that?


may have to bridgecomet, she’s out of control. I don’t like staying home day and night while she is out gambling all the time plus working.