Good news... I think


So the kid comes to me today and says that the “show” in his head is gone and has been gone for a while now. He said that when he starts to think about it, he can shut it down by counting to ten. The songs aren’t an issue either.

I’m really, really hoping it was the adderall and the autism. But I plan to stick around this place for a while (like til he’s well into his twenties). Because that scared the crap out of me and you guys are a wealth of resources.

Truly appreciate each and every one of you. Still seeing the pdoc and the therapist. I want him to have the best care. xoxoxo


This is good news. No matter what the diagnosis, he’s feeling better and not as scared. That right there is the good news.

I am really glad for you both.


I agree with James, the shear fact that he is no longer afraid and has learnt how to manage is the good news.

It’s a step in the right direction and hopefully it will stay that way for you both,

I’m also glad for you,
Take care,


That is great news. :clap: