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Grandson (17) in Israel


I have previously tried to use this website-I’ll try again. Does anyone know about care/medications/living arrangements and successful outcomes in Israe?. It’s obvious that I’m concerned, like everyone else. Right now, he seems much better: verbally and actions. Could it remain this way with proper meds? I realize the problem of not wanting to continue the meds when they are doing well. Thank you and Happy New Year.


Yes with proper meds stability can be maintained. I’m guessing there may not be very many members on this site in or near the vicinity of Israel to know of any specific resources. I am sorry your grandson and you are dealing with this illness. I live in the US in Ohio and I googled mental health resources in Israel. This was the best result I found. If you have computer access maybe you can find even more, locally or you might be able to contact a major hospital that has a psychiatric department and gain resources from them. I used 2 links for the same site I found in case one has more info than the other, I hope it helps. Best wishes for happy new year!


Hoping you find some good resources for your grandson.

Best to you.


Thank you both for your reply. I forwarded the info to my grandchildren to give to their mother…she doesn’t use the internet…it’s comforting to know there is a place to seek information from people who are living through these high and low situations…Keep warm - we’re having snow in Pennsylvania.


Grandson was getting therapy along with schooling…it was supposed to be for a short time, but they had him in the program for many months. He is now home, without any support services. Israel Social Services claim he will be 18 in April and has to wait until that time. His mother would like him in a vocational/residential/education program instead of sitting home which is not a good way to spend his waking hours…it’s terrible that people are not really doing their job while they’re shifting papers. His mother has gone to court and asked the judge to help in attaining and providing services…it seems like they don’t won’t to deal with this situation. My daughter feels that there are services out there, trying her best on her own, but not a solution (yet)…like a wait and see situation while all this time he is not getting motivated with services he needs that would stimulate him. We contacted the agencies that were listed by a member of this group–they are geared more towards in suppyling services to the autism specialization - which is not what we are seeking a solution. Any other comments would sincerely be appreciated.


Looks like a complex system to navigate:

The fact that Israel just privatized their mental health system in 2015 most likely means that professionals who are part of the system are still trying to figure out the new ways to get people help.

The best thing to do is to treat each professional with the respect and consideration we wish our family members would receive from them. Then, if they don’t help our family member, we move on without giving any more energy to those who either cannot or will not help.

You are right that your grandson would benefit from services. I hope your family can find these and he can receive treatment in a timely manner. In the US state where I live, many, if not most, of the needed services are simply not available at all, let alone in a timely manner. I hope the situation is better in Israel.


Unfortunately, my grandson is not getting help. Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem has a world reputation - apparently no such answer to helping a young man who just turned 18 last week. My daughter wanted to see him in a group home with interaction with other young men - no assistance - only hope he takes his meds. I call him often - sometimes he is sharp - other times questionable. I can only hope and pray that he will get the care he so deserves.