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Grandson in Israel

I have written before with this request. Does anyone know if there are answers/help for this condition in Israel? The Judge told social worker to find a group home for him-over six months ago-nothing was done. He is now 18, lives with his father (not a good situation as he has mental issues) and just sits around with no stimulation-refuses to see his mother. His mother (who has been subjected to his curses) has tried legally to help him, but no help has been offered. I call him weekly to let him know that I love him and I do mention that he should call his sisters and brother as they love him. In the conversation, I remind him to take his meds. When I ask if he takes them, he won’t answer. Since he has dual citizenship, I have asked him to visit, thinking I could get help for him, but no response. Thank you for letting me vent.

Just to clarify, a judge in Israel has ordered a social worker in Israel to find him a group home, correct? Can you keep contacting the social worker to make sure his file doesn’t fall “into the cracks” while he is waiting for a space to became available?