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Support groups for individuals with schizophrenia

Hi ya’ll…
So my husband recently went through a 5150… and now is an out patient with only a psychiatrist (due to the demand of psychs during covid)

We’re based in LA,California…
anyone know of any peer support groups online for individuals who have schizophrenia?

It’s been super hard to endure by myself given the circumstances. This is his first episode. Ty!

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Welcome Adrianna. There is the “Diag Forum” of this site. It’s in the top menu next to “Home”.

There are various other forums, but I have no experience. There’s a degree of stability and functioning required to participate in any forum without getting bans or timeouts due to inappropriate conduct.

Normally, I might point someone to in-person support like NAMI meetings or clubhouse settings, as I think online interaction can be a poor substitute for learning life skills for societal reintegration, but given the pandemic I assume most of these are unavailable.

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Yes, welcome to a group of the 1% who are doing our best to make sense of our new reality. Go to NAMI website. Read ‘I’m Not Sick and Don’t Need Your Help’, and many other similar books.

We just had our son diagnosed w SZ about 5 months ago. It has taken awhile to get our heads around this new path. This forum is a great place to start.

Pick a topic, or a person (maggotbrain has very helpful posts!) and read the stories herein. You won’t find any quick fixes BUT you will learn that you are NOT alone!

And you’ll learn new techniques like DBT and LEAP. And mostly you’ll just feel loved and affirmed by complete strangers who share a common pain.

Welcome. Hang in there. Love wins.


@Adrianna …another good site is …it covers all mental illnesses including schizophrenia, schizoaffective, psychosis etc