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Have you looked at the FB support groups for sz

If you haven’t and you’d like to see what others are experiencing with sz, I found them very interesting to read. They help me understand what my son may be experiencing. I’m not stalking, just trying to get an idea of what others experiences are like. I’ve added a few comments here and there.


Every now and then I glance the other forum on this site.

I thought your cat information was interesting. Years ago at support group- there was a woman who had a problem with her daughter trying to kill the family cat. She said she couldn’t leave her daughter at home alone with the cat. She would chase it around with a knife and try to attack it.


@hope - I actually started on the other Forum on and then the admin directed me to the caretaker forum. I get a weekly update from the other forum and at times will glance through it.

Yes, the cat thread was interesting. My son would rather no harm come to our cats when he is in charge. He knows I would be pissed. I’m pretty sure.

Bummer about that girl/woman trying to harm the cat.


My son loves his cats. BUT, he did become convinced over time that my dogs were trying to kill his cats. One of our worst weekends was when someone dumped two dogs on our road and they actually did chase his cats.

We have worried about his older cat dying and him just totally losing it thinking we were to blame.


You don’t need to go as far as Facebook - you can just look at our “diagnosed” forum - which is extremely active. It has almost 10,000 active members right now, and 1000 to 2,000 posts each day.


@SzAdmin Thanks - yes I read that as well at times. I’m a tad ADD/or I multi task a lot and I go to many sites. Thank you for the link.

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