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Have you read - The Day the Voices Stopped: A Memoir of Madness and Hope", by Ken Steele,


I found it fascinating and a good look into a sz mind.


Yes - a good book. Ken used to visit the site here a number of years ago, he was a nice guy and was doing really well after a long struggle. Sadly he passed away a few years ago.


I like that book. He did lots of amazing work after he felt better.


@SzAdmin - I just noticed that he said he was on Passed in 2000 - heart failure. It was so sad how his parents turned their back on him.


Wow - he actually mentions that in the book. I didn’t know that.


@SzAdmin Yup - page 227 (Hardback) He says:

“Soon I was invited to write for several family and consumer websites, and I became a featured contributor to the schizophrenia home page (, where I posted my willingness to speak before groups”.

I believe early or mid-90s

How long has been up?

#7 was started in 1995. The founder lost his brother to schizophrenia and suicide that year.


We can’t thank the founder enough. This site has helped so many of us with support and understanding. Please pass that along.