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Hello I am new here


It feels better to know that others understand. Thank you for sharing too.


I appreciate you sharing as well. We all need a place to share, vent, get tips and just know we aren’t alone. Thanks.


I found out, after my husband and I separated, that there was a long history of mental illness on the mom’s side. I knew about 2 people on his dad’s side.

You would think that would make them more understanding about my ex’s condition. Unfortunately, that’s not the case–they call him lazy, etc.

That’s why I so appreciate all the caring moms here🌹


Hi Jan Sorry your family isn’t understanding. So you are divorced now I take it. Do you still keep in touch with your ex then? And if you still that is wonderful!! Any children?


Certainly you are describing Schizophrenia. Our son is 33, schizophrenic, and struggling. Fortunately (I’m serious) in his late teens he was in enough trouble that through police involvement he was forced to have a 72 hour psychiatric assessment which resulted in compelling him to get treatment and be assigned a social worker among other things. He too believed there was nothing wrong with him but by now he no longer had a choice. Enough about our son.
If your son is violent, or threatening you or others, or talking suicide CALL THE COPS. They helped us a lot.
You didn’t mention friends. If he has some good friends they will know that your son is not well. Talk to them if you can. Explain what you are dealing with to them. They could be willing to help. Your son just might listen to his friends when he won’t listen to anyone else.
Good luck. You are not alone.


Hi there, Thanks for the advice. Sorry about your son :frowning: I guess raising your son was hard :frowning: My son isn’t violent, doesn’t want to self harm or harm a sole. That is the hard part. He is an extremely great good kid. Never been in trouble with the law either. He doesn’t really have friends other than online people he plays his games with. :frowning: He has never really had human friends sadly. My son was close to his brother but his brother (living elsewhere, healthy) told him he needs a doctor and might need help so my son cut him off and doesnt’ want anything to do with him :frowning: So I have to watch myslef as I don’t want that to happen.
Thanks I am glad I found this forum :slight_smile:


Thanks Theema.
Yes, we are divorced, but are in close contact. No kids. But we were married for 15 years, dated before that in college. I was there for the 1st psychotic break and all the fun (hell) that followed. He got violent, so we had to split up. Still heartbroken about the whole thing. He lives with his family now, who are less than supportive–say he doesn’t pay enough rent! Can you imagine? I signed him up for SSDi years ago, but he doesn’t get much. Manages to work sometimes. Thanks for listening! Hope you and yours are doing better!


I understand you car for him and are in close contact.Sorry he got violent.I can imagine you are heartbroken, he was your first love I imagine. I hope you have been able to move on with your life though?
I have been doing good. Trying to take care of me in between. Back ground history of my life. Mom had SZ, that was a rude awaking at age 11 to see that. My dad was great. Helped her til the end. Then I married my kids dad (became physically disabled, long story) Ended up he didn’t really care about himself, so after 22 years I had to leave because I was drowning (if you know what I mean) I had to take care of myself. He died 3 years ago. That is when my middle son started showing symptoms. To this date as you know he is living with me and my new husband and his sister. He is now not talking to me because I don’t understand the “they” are bugging him and after him. So I try and do my best to motivate him , keep him busy and give him positive stuff to do and think about. We have been doing driving lessons together and he is taking his first one tomorrow. I’m telling you when He doesn’t mention these “people” you would never know he has an issue. He also had been to his job 2 times, part time. So that is good. I just hope this upward trend keeps going. I am still trying to get him to get a doctor. Baby steps there. Thanks for listening too. Hope you had a wondering weekend.


Sorry to hear of your son’s struggles. I’m sure it is very difficult for you too. My daughter is still off meds but she is getting along. She stopped driving, and walking her dog so I’ve had to go and help her.We have an appt with her psychiatrist in two weeks. She is adamant that she wants no meds anymore. She does realize she has a mental illness. I Googled to find out if there were people with schizophrenia functioning without meds and there are organizations that promote it but it’s so contraversial. I’m trying to keep an open mind as she is an adult that can make her own choices as long as she is not hurting herself or others. One day at a time threema! Prayers to you! I know that I have to tell myself that I’m not the answer to all things in my daughters life so I don’t get overwhelmed.


Oh dear that doesn’t sound good if she stopped walking the dog. :frowning: I hope with help of the psychiatrist she can get back on the meds. I am not sure how one could manage without them.Good she realizes she has mental illness. That is a big step.
One day at a time. For sure that is it. You are not the answer to all things for your daughter and you have to make you happy in your life. You can’t get overwhelmed. We have to learn to put things in little compartments in our brains. And not try and think of our children all the time. Keepme up dated on how the appointment goes. If you need to message in the mean time I am here to listen.