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Help Husband in Psychosis

I posted before that I left my husband because he refused to go to the hospital to get help. He also hid his diagnosis from me. Fast forward months later he was hospitalized and later released STILL very paranoid and delusional. I cried so hard when I found out they released him in that state. He still thinks nothing is wrong with him and that I am the one with the SMI. The doctor said he is decompensating.

I begged and pleaded with him to take meds. I’m
Trying to get him to attend weekly therapy in hopes that helps lead to him willingly taking meds.

As a matter of last result, I pressed charges against him in hopes that he can go through mental health court and be court mandated to take meds. I am waiting for the court date.

He constantly blocks me from calling him and only communicates with me sporadically now. He is convinced that because I am pressing charges against him that I don’t love him!

His family is completely hands off and live far away. They seemed to have washed their hands of him.
I’m all he has.

Since he is blocking me and won’t talk to me I’m losing hope that our marriage can be saved. He filed for a divorce because I left him( I promised to come back if he took meds and that never happened) Anyone deal with something similar? should I keep trying to help him? Should I respect the fact that he filed for divorce and keeps blocking me? This situation is breaking my heart. Our child also misses him everyday.

im sorry youre going through this tough time…one thing i have to tell you is dont take to close to heart whta your husband says and does. When a person is suffering from delusions their whole beahviour cane be distorted…they dont mean to hurt you but can do because they are delusional

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