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BarbieBF - what happened?

What happened to BarbiBF. I haven’t been around much but I’m alive and well. But Barb is nowhere to be seen. I am concerned about her. Barb, if you’re out there - my best wishes. If not, anyone know anything?

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I don’t know where she went. I hope she comes back soon and that her son is okay.

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I like Barbie, I miss her input.

I hope she is doing well.

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I like Barbie.

I imagine she had her feelings hurt around certain interactions on this board.


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She’s still around in the cyber world, I follow her blog, and follow her on Pinterest. Like you I haven’t seen her here much, and it’s been awhile since her last blog entry.

Yes, I have been around less too, and when I do show up I get deterred by the amount of parent-blaming and parent-hatred being stirred up by notmoses, so I wondered. But mostly I just hope that she is alright and her son Too.

Hi Everyone…

I know I haven’t been around much. I needed a break and I’m afraid it turned into an extended break. I will try to find some time to get caught up here on the forum. I have even stepped back with my blog and haven’t blogged in a bit. I do try to keep up on my Facebook page. My life needed some balance as it was centered too much around mental illness.

My son is back with his grandmother again. He’s not doing very well.

I’m working. It’s a work from home job however it still takes up a chunk of my time 6 days a week.

My daughter was just here for a visit for 3 weeks which was really nice.

Thank you for thinking about me :heart:


Ok. Glad to hear that. In fact it sounds good that you have got some kind of life back for yourself and a bit of balance. You were probably carrying too much of a burden here too, as our ‘welcomer-in-chief’ on the Family section.
Good you popped in again!

Hello, Barbie!


Hi Jayster,

Things have been busy. Just got married! Took a road trip to where I grew up and had the wedding in my step-mom’s back yard. My daughter is due in about 5 weeks with my grandson! Have a baby shower to get planned. Still working.

My son is in a long-term treatment facility… fingers crossed


Congratulations, Barb! Good to hear your good news.