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How can understand that she is experiencing psychosis?

Dear friends;

Please let me tell you the backround briefly: After our baby is born; everything was okay until she starts to work. Then she started to hear voices, but she was aware that they are signes of pyschosis. So since the last injection was a month ago; we ordered her medecine and she got okay. Things didnt went far; she had only some obsesions.

However just 15 days after this shot; she started to hear vocies (three days ago) again, mainly because she received an stressing e-mail from her work. Right now, she is not as bad as needing hospitalization. However, she is suddinly questioning everything and her mind seems always busy. Also she does not want to have sex and she questions what is love and sex etc. Even the doctor we saw today; didnt see the medication necessary, I guess he thought it is still early or he just didnt want to take responsibility.

Ultimately this situation is so strange for me. She continues to eat, sometimes she seems really okay for a short time but overall she is obviously not like before. Doctor said she can take the medication next week. Do you think it is better to wait? She thinks that she is all okay and there is not any problem; she argues that “she awares of things.”

What should I do, do you think? Does she experiencing psychosis?