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It's happening again

It’s been three and a half years since my husband was last in psychosis, but it’s happening again. It’s been really sudden. He is taking his meds, but it has happened anyway. The doctor has increased them, but it’s not enough, and now I am worried that he will take the lower amount that will prevent any full-blown psychosis that would result in hospitalisation (and therefore treatment) and so instead he will just live with these symptoms (which include rejecting me) and nobody will be able to help him. I’m also pregnant.

Would he be open to you attending his next therapy session? You could raise your concerns with his doctor there. Rejecting might be a negative symptom. He might be listening to voices and therefore be incommunicative.

He doesn’t hear voices, thankfully. I’ve called the emergency line, but there’s nothing that they can do. They can’t do anything until he is a danger to himself or others, even though I know that things are about to escalate and we could prevent it if they would just up his medication now. It’s so awful. I truly think one of the worst parts of all of this is that the medical profession can’t even really help until things are really bad. If he decides to stop medication, it’s his choice, even though he would never, ever make that choice when he was well.