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How do I convince my schizophrenic dad to continue medications?

My dad is diagnosed with schizophrenia and doesn’t regularly take medications because he he thinks he’s fine. Until a few weeks ago, he was legally forced to take medications. although, he got out of the hospital after taking a needle that reduced his schizophrenia. The doctors said that if he doesn’t come back in exactly a month, he will go back to how he was before and even worse. My sister and I are trying to help him and make him feel more loved since my dad doesn’t trust my mom at all (his wife). We also want to convince him to take medications but we don’t know how. He was always against medications in general. Also, what makes it harder to convince him are the bad side affects the medicine gave him. I already feel guilty because I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. If anyone could please help me I’d be really thankful :heart:

My sons the same , read I AM NOT SICK I DONT NEED HELP Xavier Amador . It really helps . My son takes meds and doesn’t think he’s sick . hope it helps , i know its so hard but hang in there with lots of love …

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There is no easy answer to convincing your dad to continue his meds. A large percentage of people afflicted cannot see that they are ill due to their anosognosia (the technical name for their lack of insight). My daughter came out of the hospital (after a shot) almost 95% her old self (very few symptoms), but 1 month later, she was again experiencing all symptoms, plus was a little worse. She never saw that she was “better” and also never saw that she was “Ill”. She will not willingly take anti-psychotics (or any type of medicine or supplement).

This illness is a heartbreaker.

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