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How do I help my schizophrenic mother while I live overseas

My mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia/psychosis three years ago. She is on medication and gets bouts of psychosis every yeat around this time (june/july) for over a month. Rest of the year she is fine. I live overseas and visit my family every year. But this time due to covid I am unable to travel. She lives with my brother and sister in law and they are her primary caregivers. They are trying their best to help her, distract her and support her but it gets harder. I try and support her on phone/ video but Im frustrated that I can’t be with her. I have tried to support her, listen to her, engage her but she goes back to square one. She keeps hearing voices and thinks some family members are trying to defame her and conspiring against her. These are the family members who over years in past were not nice to my mother. Now it’s just etched in her mind that they will do harm to her and my brother. I am out of ideas on how to tackle this situation from this far. I feel bad for my brother and sister in law as well. They are very young and got married last year. It just breaks my heart to see the situation for them as well as my mother. Any suggestions/ guidance that can help?

As you live overseas the only thing you can do is show her love on FaceTime and tell her every day that you love her and that you are planning to see her . Love can help them feel secure . My family whom are all over seas call my son and show him much love and it helps . Yes there are bad days and good days but i know my son feels loved from me and my family and i believe he has inner peace from it . One day at a time :pray:

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In my state I know of a private organization that will get involved with a person’s mental health care, for a fee, of course. For example, they might monitor medication, make visits, be available for phone calls, and they also help find services. You might contact your states department of behavioral health or similar, or contact NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in your state, to see if they can point you to such an organization if you want some additional supports while you are gone.

It is helpful for the whole family to learn all they can about the illness…how to help the person living with it as well as how to take care of themselves. When we are busy with life it is hard to take the time to do that. You might point them to a NAMI Family Support Group. All NAMI programs are offered at no cost to the participant. Support Groups | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness

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