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What’s your escape or stress release?

For me it is either music or Netflix…

For my daughter, she loves to soak in bath with some eucalyptus oil in the water.

My wife will take a nap.

What’s yours? When you just need to escape from being a caregiver… or just to let go of the stress?

I don’t have any and I’m getting really stressed I mean breakdown time just this week my daughter 35 scitzophrenia I live in oz So just this week she has gone through $2000 on drugs and pokies and the ex husband drug addict stayed at her place ended up me calling the police avo put out on him he controls her every move. So now I get $400 a week so AGAIN i have to fix everything her electricity bill food etc etc I feel like jumping off a mountain I’m so fed up with constantly fixing her mess over and over again I don’t even get time to fix my affairs up too busy fixing all her mess up over and over I just want to run away been doing this for years it’s 2am she’s staying with me sleeping soundly and my partner me I’m sitting up trying to come up with at least $800 to pay her bills and now my cars due for rego that’s a grand I’m damn well had it never my time always caring for others I can’t sleep tonight too much worry your welcome to read my profile I’m too tired to keep repeating my story sorry for the whinge just want to scream so frustrated

For me, a peaceful walk for at least an hour. Walking helps loosen some of the tension and if I am lucky, I will see pleasant things along the way. If I can manage to walk two hours, that really helps.

Before going to sleep, I look at short YouTube videos of people doing positive and enjoyable things (trying new foods, exploring foreign countries, crafting, building houses, diving for lost items in creeks, etc.) then read a book until I am sleepy.

I know yoga helps a lot and I have mentioned it before on the forum, but I haven’t started that back up again. Have you started, Windyhill63? I know you mentioned yoga as well.

I tried to get back to yoga…

I am not as young as I used to be and I am not as flexible as I used to be…

I also like to go for walks to relieve stress too.

Why pay them? 151511

Cause she has scitzophrenia and I don’t know how much is it her illness and how much is it just HER!! the alternative is to have her with no warmth no lighting no stove And with her illness she’s incapable of sorting out all the mess. And there is no one else to help. I’m aware that it’s her fault and believe me I’ve let her know what I think but if I turn my back she has no one I’m always truthful with her I tell her if you hadn’t done all this crap I wouldn’t be suffering and I didn’t do drugs etc u did!!! It’s not right I have to fix all your crap all the time look it’s very complicated I wish I could just say OK go on you do it. But I know from the past she will just fudge it all up. And I can’t leave her at her home because of the ex he is visisiously violent. If you want a better perspective my profile tells some insight thanks

I play mindless games on my iPad. A hobby I have found to be relaxing is the Diamond Painting kits that you can buy on Amazon. The repetitive motion of doing them has a calming affect on me.

I take a hot bath almost every night with a bath bomb in it. I never used to take baths, but I do now.


Good thread idea!

I use exercise to deal with anxiousness and frustration. There are a lot of obvious benefits, but the biggest one is the sense of rightness and calm that comes from recovering from an intense workout.
Admittedly, I am an adrenaline and natural endorphine chaser. Weightlifting provides those things in a way that isn’t dangerous to others and isn’t self-destructive, so I lean on it heavily.

I also write a lot. Stories, poems, plans for the future.
I feel like the English language is really good for tickling that intellectual itch we all need from s hobby sometimes.

I work on my car as often as I can.
It’s usually a good mix of challenging and rewarding. Being able to work up a sweat and use my brain at the same time is something I really enjoy. If I didn’t have to work and money was plentiful, I’d have a big pile of parts and a garage full of cars to tinker with. (And never actually get anything accomplished, haha!)

I make retirement and financial plans.
Having a positive outlook toward the future and gaining the feeling that I am in control of my fate is very calming. I enjoy working with numbers and financial planning is all about the algebra.
Sometimes I get mad when I have to calculate taxes and I see how much of my money is thrown into the bottomless pit of government, but I always feel better when the calculations are done and I realize that I am at least aware of my budget and able to take action directly.
It’s very reassuring to know that my math is accurate in practice and that I can make sound financial decisions about things like seeing movies and treating my girlfriend to a nice dinner without stress from worrying about my bills.

I use all of these things to satisfy my intellectual and physical needs. And they all help provide a sense of peace when I hit my tiny, incremental goals. I also use apps and spreadsheets to track my progress so that I can see how successful I’ve been at them. Which, I guess is kind of another hobby in itself.

Of course, I take a “lazy day” at least every 2 weeks where I do nothing more than watch TV or play videogames. But I regard that as part of the process of scraping out some sense of peace.

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Hello to all of you,
I use a sound app to help relax, it helps me to fall asleep at least for a little while.
I spend most nights from 1-5am laying here awake, so I like to read your posts.
Peace to all, AnnieNorCal
I also like to paint on rocks!