How many of you have an unmedicated family member and what's happening today?


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And they can be so reluctant to talk about voices. Sometimes we really have to figure it out ourselves.

Mine still has not admitted to voices, I know that he likes some of his voices, he finds them to be quite funny. All voices aren’t negative.


My son’s ‘They’ always seems to be somehow related to the military or spy organization, or, sometimes, aliens.

He doesn’t admit to voices, but can spend hours telling ‘them’ to Shut up or Eff off. But nope, he’s not hearing voices. If pressed, he explains that ‘they’ communicate through his electronic devices, or implants - things that really could never be proven wrong.

Whenever I say something he doesn’t agree with, he just puts it down to ‘mind control’. That just feels like a brick wall I will never get past.


My son called them, inner speech, he “likes” hearing them he says it’s “enlightening”

When I used to hear about voices I had no real idea, and my son didn’t admit, only since he’s been on meds he’s admitted, but they are just one word , occasionally his name. Last week he heard “charge”. He said it was a warning to make sure he has always charged his phone in case he was abducted .


Oh and a funny thing happened the other night.
We had a tv programme called when piers met Donald trump, it was piers Morgan interviewing Donald Trump, piers asked hi about his health etc and Trump duly boasted about his good health but excused the picture of him sitting with a huge bucket of KFC’ . My son was watching he “likes” Trump.
Son said to pause the show as he was going for his phone upstairs. Now he rarely sits and watches tv so Imsaid no just watch it, it’s only got 10 mins to go. So he did.

Later he said why did you want me to keep watching? Was it to tell warn me about Trump with the kfc bucket , he thought it was a warning to him that something was going to happen in kfc!

Yes mr president is actually warning you… NOT …


Oh it is so funny Jane57! The things we have to listen to and keep a straight face.


While watching a soccer game on tv son once turned to the empty chair next to him, laughed and said “how do you know these things?”

It was the first time I saw him speak directly to a voice. I had entered the back of the room carrying laundry and paused to look at the score. He had no idea I was in the room.

He was totally delighted with whatever the voice had said.

The next time I saw him address a voice was when he was yelling at our house in December. He would be listening and would turn his head in different directions and yell in different directions. Like he was hearing voices from all sides.


That’s amazing Hope . We can’t even second guess what that feels like .


lol! My son has recently been telling me he has been talking with Trump at night!


Mine was going to be Trump’s running mate, but that didn’t work out.


Hmmm, what does it say about Trump that many of our family members involve him in their delusions and psychosis? IS HE AN ALIEN FROM THE PLANET OF ORANGE-HAIRED MEN???


I gotta say, I’m sooooo fricken glad my son doesn’t have Trump-related delusions. That would send me right over the edge. It’s already hard enough. Jeez.


My husband does the same thing but will not admit he is hearing voices when I know damn well he is. I also catch him making facial expressions to himself. But the laughter is always when he is alone and he’ll tell me he was thinking of something funny and he either scrambles to tell me what he’s laughing about or he says nothing!


My son says the same, ie he’s laughing at something on tv in his room, or something he randomly remembered.


Jeb hates the current President, anything he reads about the President just sets him off. He was the opposite with the last President.


OMG that sounds like my son. He says his voices say things like “stop” when he is about to step in front of a car.


The Open Dialogue was absolutely amazing. i would recommend this approach to anyone. we are just at the start of this OD in Australia and very fortunate to have some great teachers here to train psychologists etc. this approach is very successful in Europe and prevents so many hospitalizations. it is a great way to intervene when people are in great emotional distress = psychotic. i wish it was available for my son, it would have been a totally different outcome. and so much less traumatizing.
please advocate for it whenever you can. read about it. educate yourselves about it. its great ‘stuff’’…


Re Jeb’s assessments of Presidents: sounds a little like me😜 A very sane political observation.


Here is a representation of what I found regarding Open Dialogue.

The basic vehicle of Open Dialogue is its radically altered version of the treatment meeting, which typically occurs within 24 hours of the initial call to the crisis service. This treatment meeting gathers together everyone connected to the crisis, including the person at the center, their family and social network, all professional helpers and anyone else closely involved. Throughout this process there are no separate staff meetings to talk about the “case.” Rather, all discussions and decisions take place in the treatment meeting with everyone present.


When my mom came to visit, she enjoyed her political discussion with Jeb. They are in agreement on many subjects. She said he listened to her when she spoke which meant a good deal to her.


It does sound ideal but, for example, people can be far away from family members when they have a psychotic break so circumstances can be less than ideal. Finland’s very small with a very tiny population!