How to find an attorney? (North Carolina)

Hi - my brother is bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies and he’s been hospitalized 4 times this year. He is potentially too dangerous to keep living with my parents but he’s getting discharged from the hospital and the rehabilitation center he was supposed to go to is saying he can’t come while he is this unstable.

All that to be said, we’d love to talk to a disability attorney in North Carolina to figure out what options we have. Any advice about who we should talk to or how we should find an attorney would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Kenny,

It is a hard job to find an attorney for a situation with a mentally ill person as each person’s needs are so very different from someone else’s. Not a lot of people have actually dealt with mentally ill who are dangerous. I found the current attorney I have (an eldercare specialist) totally by a chance conversation at church. He had a brother who had severe mental illness in the past.

If you call a NAMI close to you, they may be able to direct you. Perhaps asking the doctor who last treated your brother?

Good luck sorting this out.