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How to get son deported to state of residency

This is an update on my son to took off in a psychotic state on September 21, 2016 and ended up flying over to Denmark and has been there till this time. He has been living off the street and was finally arrested for overstaying his visa once he was arrested they determined he was not mentally well so at the moment he is in a prison hospital in Copenhagen Denmark. The psychiatrist in Denmark recommended that he be escorted straight to a mental hospital when he lands in the United States which we all agree on. I have been getting everything in order to have him 302 in involuntarily the minute he arrives into Pittsburgh airport and take him to a hospital however I was just informed today that Denmark deportation escorts may only take him into the country of origin which should be like New York City or Washington DC . I am so frustrated because I had everything in line here in Pittsburgh for him to get the help he needs now I’m at lost on what to do how do I get him from Washington or New York to Pittsburgh when he unwillingly to come with us. I’m at lost on what to do. any suggestions I would really appreciate . Thanks


I would try to get legal guardianship while he is still ill with the positive symptoms because when he goes before the judge (even with a court appointed attorney) the judge will clearly see the need for you to be his legal guardian and then you can govern where he stays his medical care and deal directly with all doctors and other professionals on your son’s behalf and whether he likes it or not…I am not sure how to do this with him being in New York and you being in Pittsburgh but maybe you could call the county probate courts in each area and explain the situation and find out what steps need to be taken…Just my thoughts, best of luck.


I think you need to go to some pretty high officials for this in the state where he will land and the state where you want him to be. Start with governor’s office and even US embassy?

Courts, cops, I wish I knew who could help you handle this.

Keep talking to Denmark and explain what you need and why; maybe they will help. Could he land in Philadelphia? At least then he’d be in the right state, though I know it’s really far from Pittsburgh.

That is incredibly frustrating and I hope you find a way.

If you can get the involuntary commitment paperwork completed before he arrives, maybe they could serve him in the airport where he lands and transport him to Pittsburgh?

I’m sure it would be expensive, but doable?

Have you talked to the US Embassy to see if they could help you get the Denmark officials to bring him closer? I think that it would all be a lot easier if you don’t have to cross state lines.

However, I think you’re at the point where you need professional advice, probably from a lawyer, instead of asking on a forum. We’re all going to be guessing at what you should do.

That doesn’t mean we’re not interested. I really would like to know what you’re able to do in this situation.

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I have been working with the embassy for 3 months , they are the ones that informed me he is to be deported to the first port of call. I have been in contact with our congressman but at this point no help yet! I had the 302 ready to take place in Pittsburgh but that will not be affective in another state. I feel like everyone is just passing the buck to someone else! I am so tired of this but I will not give up. I have contacted a lawyer and am waiting for her reply. I have expressed my deep concern to the Denmark deportation police but have not heard a thing from them. They just want to send him back asap and not worry about the outcome cause it’s not their problem. I will update you tomorrow when I hear for sure where he will be deported too. Thanks for all the advice

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Just looking at ports of entry to the US & they’re controlled by US Customs & Border Control.

Maybe they can help?
They would be a federal agency, which means they could transport someone across state lines if they wanted to.

The Pittsburgh International Airport is a port of entry.

Wouldn’t hurt to ask them for some advice. The worst thing they can do is brush you off like everyone else. I’m still amazed that the secret service didn’t take the whole thing more seriously.

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That’s a good idea. I didn’t realize Pittsburgh was a port of entry! Thanks for the info

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I was looking at plane ticket prices. Does that have anything to do with which place they choose? Do they send him on a commercial flight?

Offer to pay for the ticket?

I don’t know about the deportation process but can at least add that if he ends up in DC, the airports are actually in Virginia and there are a few psychiatric hospitals not terribly far from the airports. I wonder if the crisis intervention team would possibly escort him to the hospital…somehow I doubt it.

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He’ll be escorted by police I believe. I will off to pay ticket when I get more info. Thanks

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We really want to get him to Pittsburgh where his team of doctors are that have treated him for 5 years. Plus we could visit him then cause it would be 2 hrs away in stead of 5. But no matter what he needs to be hospitalized and I will do whatever to be sure he gets there! We all need to have a big conference and try to make new laws for the mental ill people in this world. Something has to change!

I certainly understand! Best wishes!

Is there anyone you trust that could fly up and meet him and get him on a plane to Pittsburgh? My sister had to ask a male friend to retrieve her daughter who was bipolar and in another state. They then got her in treatment at the state hospital.

This has a good ending. She is stable for two years now and living independently with supported housing and a roommate. I wish you the best.

I have been working with our congressman and state dept. the administration of families and children have stepped in and will transport my son fro New York to Pittsburgh! Praise God. It is all to take place this week. Need prayers that all go smooth and we get him to a hospital to get him started on a road of recovery. I will update you later. Thanks everyone for your support


Good work. This has been so much effort on your part for the son you love. I hope your efforts yield health and happiness for your family.

Sending prayers that all goes well this week and your son safely lands on the road to recovery.

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Well as of this morning things have changed already! I guess when he lands in Newark NJ , the Denmark officials are done and if he refuses to get on flight to Pittsburgh there’s nothing we can do. Another day in paradise! Please pray

I’m so sorry!

Maybe call the Newark airport & see if you can find a sympathetic ear?
They might have some suggestions or they can at least be prepared if something happens there.

Maybe if you can get him on an involuntary hold anywhere in the US, they could transport to Pittsburg at some point?

I’ve heard some people on other forums say that airlines have rules about people with untreated psychosis flying alone too. I have no idea if it’s true or not, but a friend there actually took a ship across the Atlantic to transport her son over to Europe because she was living there. He had been missing for a long time and was finally found.

I recommend you call the Treatment Advocacy Center - they have a lot of lawyers who are knowledgeable about mental health law. Call them and explain your situation and see if they have any ideas that would help your son:


200 North Glebe Road, Suite 801
Arlington, Virginia 22203
Phone: (703)294-6001

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Newark. I hear it’s nice this time of year. Is there anyone your son trusts who could meet him there? Seriously, at the gate, I know that would take a huge amount of cooperation from TSA.

Unreal. But this is our reality as family members of people with severe, untreated mental illness.

Still hoping for the best and sending prayers.

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I have called them 6 times over the last 3 months and left a message for them to reach me and they have not returned any of my calls . I have also emailed them but still no response. Thanks anyway.