How to Reconnect with Family After Rehab

One of the biggest challenges for a recovering addict is reconnecting with family members after addiction. Having a support network is critical to recovery, yet recovering individuals are likely to feel badly about things that happened during addiction. Those past occurrences can make the weeks and months after rehab that much more difficult and emotional to navigate, but it’s not impossible. If you want to reconnect with family and friends but aren’t sure where to start, Clarity Way can help.|PTC&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook

My mom thought my psychosis was drug related and was mad at me for a long time, once she knew the diagnosis for sz she changed her perspective and I got clean. Been clean for over a year and still feel like it was the best decision I ever made.

I also apologized to my family and they understood it was the psychosis. Although some behaviours were from the drug use and those were forgiven too. It was hard and I cried for months and said I’m sorry more times than needed, but my memory was terrible (it’s not at its best but its getting better) and I kept forgetting that I apologized before. My mom kept saying: you already apologized for that, you’re forgiven, don’t think much about it, it’s all in the past…

Still its hard for me to think about those behaviours. I’m thankful for the support of my family, very thankful.

Congrats on being clean for over a year! That’s an awesome accomplishment. :thumbsup:

My family has forgiven me for some of my drug behavior and psychosis earlier then I forgave myself. There are still some things I deeply regret… wish I could undo… will apologize for again if I thought it would help… but my family has already forgiven me… and moved on.

I feel a little odd being stuck in the remorse when they are healing… so I have to let go of the remorse and move on too.

That remorse only shows that you have a good heart, something we all know here. Sometimes what we need is to forgive ourselves and self-compassion is the best way to achieve it. Treat yourself like you would treat the most important person in your life, we forgive others for so much, why not ourselves?

It’s another battle, and it’s a hard one, so I feel your pain here, it’s a lot easier said than done.

Glad you guys had the courage to apologize-such an important step toward rebuilding damaged relationships, and yet so hard to do. Sorry seems to be the hardest word, apologies to Elton John…

Congratulations a ton on being clean, I’m sure that was the deepest pain and that if you hadn’t even apologized for the behavior during, quitting would have been a big enough apology…after all it hurts so badly because you are so loved and becoming clean was the biggest relief!
I’ll be keeping you in mind! @minii

Oh thank you! Thank you very much! Lots of love to you