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How you dealt with lost of parent?


My mother was lung cancer ill.I looked after her for three years.Sometimes it was hard for her when I changed her diapers,I believe she sometimes prayed to die,but she was fighter.We went through surgery,left side paralyze,at which point she couldn’t talk properly,and couldn’t walk.After finding second tumor on brain,I managed to put her into hospital where they gave her a radiation treatment,and after that she,had some progress.One evening her friend came and they both had fun,talking normally.Morning after,she had massive heart infarct.She died on my hands.Couldn’t cry,felt like you were building something for three years,and it vanished in second.Since that I’m kind of crippled.She was my support body.I couldn’t talk about it for some time,now I’m open to hear if you had similar experience.


I wouldn’t say I’ve had a similar experience, but I’ve lost both my parents - one by Alzheimer’s and the other by a disease similar to Alzheimer’s. In my family we never grieved to much over death because we figured our departed ones lived a long and full life, and death was a necessary part of it. You still have your memories of your mother. Try not to dwell on the times when she was sickest. Remember the best parts of her life.


She was always there for people in need.She was 63.


I’m sorry for your loss, but stop and think how long your mother would want you to grieve.


I have never had the experience of losing a parent. My heart goes out to you. I am sorry for your loss.


Thanks @metime,It’s has been on my chest for a long time.


Dear zoa, I’m sorry for your loss.

My mother died a long time ago.

I love the story of the time you and your mother’s friend were able to spend with her at the end of her life. I encourage you to go through the grieving process in your own time. Everyone’s different. I am under the impression that it takes one year to three years to accept the loss and rebuild life without the lost parent.

Grief means you love someone. Since you will never stop loving her, in minor ways the grief will also not end, but live with grief long enough and it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. The love will always be


@Hereandhere.She really took care of me.We never had fight that lasted more than 5 min.After 5 min she would hug me and say"let’s make us a coffee".Yes,it is a bit easier these days,but I still think about her every day.Thanks for posting.


I am sorry for your loss. Sadly, I lost my mother almost two months ago, also from cancer and my mom was a fighter too. I am grieving in my own way. I think of her a lot and some days I am sadder about her death than other days. I have my two sisters to talk about my mom with. Near the end my mom couldn’t talk properly either and she couldn’t walk either. My mom was a nice person who just happened to marry the wrong people twice. I loved my dad but him and my mom were not a good match and neither was my mom and my step-dad. Anyway, i could write a lot more about her if I wanted to. Again, I’m sorry for your loss and mine. But at least their suffering is over.


My mother used to please my father,but he never was greatfull.When they divorced I suggested that she find some dissent men,but she told me that she loves among all men only her children.


Than everybody for respond.Here in Eastern Europe it’s time for sleep(4am).See you soon. :raised_hands:


Sorry to hear that.I never thought about my illness while she was sick.I am sch.


Zoa, your Mom sounds like a fine woman. I too was close to my Mom and she had Parkinson’s for twenty five years. That is unheard of but it lets you know how much of a fighter she was. She even had little ladies she took care of in the nursing home for awhile. I love her and believe I’ll see her again one day. I miss her a lot. She had 11 children and loved us all equally. I don’t know how she did it. I have one child and still think, what would mom do? God bless you on your journey.