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My Mum, Schizophrenic lost her battle

I only ever posted once here, in the earlier years of my mum’s battle with schizophrenia. I have watched her decline over the past ten years, and my worst fear came true, she has died.

I guess I just wanted to share this with people who would understand what a devastating loss this is. Losing my mum is painful, but knowing she died alone, confused and in squalor has broken my heart. She was 50 years old.

I tried for so many years to get her help, but she resisted heavily. Prior to her development of schizophrenia,she was bipolar and a very abusive person. Our relationship was extremely strained, but something kept me wanting and hoping she would get better.

It’s not clear yet how she died, still waiting on Post-Mortem results, but I’m not surprised she passed away. Her house, which she hadnt let me inside for years, is unhabitable. I saw it for the first time in a year or two, the day she was found.

I can only hope she has found peace, and release from her struggles


No right words, so incredibly sorry for your loss. I do understand as I have a sister following in your mother’s footsteps. Condolences. :broken_heart:

Oh Little, I am so sorry. Once they are gone we lose not only a beloved family member, we also lose our hope of a better tomorrow for them.

Take care and give yourself time. She is at peace.


I’m so sorry for your loss, your mom was very young. What they go through and endure must be so horrible that I’m hoping also that she can rest in peace on the other side and that you find comfort and strength to face the days; this illness is really sad, and sometimes unbearable for the person who has it as for the people who loves and live with them.
My son is unmedicated now and I struggle with a course of action to take, I know my comfort is the least of the things, my son’s well being it’s the most important thing because I think an outcome like your mom’s has to be devastating!
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Take care and please let us know how your upcoming days unfold.

My condolences, there are no words, I believe she is at peace, and I truly hope you find peace, and move forward with grace, God bless❤️

I am so so sorry for your loss @Little ! Your mother was obviously suffering and she is finally at peace. No words are enough to ease your pain. This disease is cruel, destroying everyone in its path. Please take care of yourself!

I am so sorry @Little about the passing of your mom and how despite trying to help her that nothing eased her suffering in life from this awful disease. I hope too that she has found peace, and that you also find peace knowing that you did what you could to help her. It is good that you came here to post about your loss, we all understand the struggles that loved ones go through trying to help.


I am so sorry you have lost your mom. It is is such a horrible disease.

So very sad to hear. I connect strongly to the continual hope that our loved one can be recovered and once again be part of our lives. We want our loved ones to have happy lives and live in warmth and love. That doesn’t go away however difficult. Knowing that they are suffering drives us to keep trying. Be kind to yourself - this illness breaks families apart and take comfort in knowing that you did all that you could for her. Erica

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So very sorry for your loss :two_hearts:

I’m sorry this is so unbelievably sad.
My sister was 25 when she was hit by a car after 12 years of deterioration with schizophrenia
20 years ago this year.
I do not pretend to understand your loss in this, it’s just some words of sharing

I’m sorry for all your struggles over the years and to have it end this way is devastating

So sorry for your loss​:pray:t4::pray:t4::heart:

Hugs to you for remembering your mother at this time, even though you have had struggles in your relationship. Since I am a mother of a child who suffers with this horrible condition, I understand how it can impact their life and the lives of those who love them. I hope you can find peace, love, and understanding, knowing your mother was a victim of this cruel mental disorder. I admire you for trying to get her help. You message is a testament to your love and I imagine she would be pleased with you. I know I would.


I am so sorry for your loss.

Heartfelt sympathy for the loss of your Mother. May you both be at peace. Thanks for sharing.

so sorry for the loss. praying that you can endure your mother’s loss and may God bless you.
I feel also that my son will die alone one day if something happens to me God forbid.
my son always resisting treatment and I have to argue with him every time he takes his meds.
I am sure if he lives alone he would not take it.


I just want to say that you are so caring and Brave. praying for you during this time.

I am so sorry for your loss.
This illness is heartbreaking.
I’m just so sorry

Hi little…
I’m so sorry that you watched that fight… and loved it and fought with her.
Deep breath in… deep breath out… scream.

Nobody judges.

You are and have been the strongest.
Hold that.


Hi heather…
I’m guessing that you identified.
Talk to us. Are you well?