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I can't get through to him especially lately!

He spent the last 4 days sitting in my basement listening to music from his phone with a speaker attached. Quite loud. He puts on videos and plays music then talks to the videos. He wont talk to me except for thr name calling and swearing. This is making me crazy. This goes on all day and till at least 2 am. He thinks me and my neighbors are out to get him. He hasn’t showered in at least a week. He wont touch any food from me. We used to share a plate…now I cant even walk by his sofa or food or it goes in the garbage!

He needs a depot injection. Sounds like he’s going to get even worse.

Sounds like he is declining sadly , I think you should call the crisis team and see what they suggest . They may come over and see the situation and if they feel he is really unwell they will hospitalise him . Hang in there , i know how stressful this is .