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I can't live like this anymore


After reading all of the problems that people are having, which are very similar to mine and my wife’s. I think this site is really going to help. Prayer, hope, and faith will help us survive.


prayer, hope, and faith will help us survive.

I couldn’t Agee more Buddy.


Hi Sheyelo…i get you so much…my son with sz is 27 and all Ive done his whole life is cry over him…since i was on here last he’s been hospitalized twice now…he’s currently in so I’m getting a bit of a rest…i literally ruined my tear ducts crying over him…i have to use restasis all day and when i wake during the night cuz my eyes wont water anymore-but trust me-i can sure still cry tons…and i do-i constantely think -if he doesn’t make it over this…i wont either-i wouldn’t want to go on…and i dont think i could…how do we do it?..Im not a religious person so I dont often pray much but at times i do-I have nothing to lose…in my mind I hear myself saying…”My poor son is absolutely insane…”and then I hate myself for it but he really is and I dont know how to help him anymore-Im sucked dry and my poor husband tries to understand but he’s not his dad and he has no kids so he doesn’t understand the love I have for him and the love that I could lose if I lose him. I myself am borderline personality disorder as well as bi-polar so it makes it so much harder than if I was just normal myself…I wish I had some answers aside from go one day at a time and come here to talk to us because we get you 100%…chin up-your still beautiful and the fact that you have the love in your heart that you apparently do makes you even more beautiful!!!