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I could use some advice

we have since broken up and i don’t think we even talk anymore. i am a lot happier but i hope he gets on the right path at some point

I’ve been wondering about how you’ve been doing. I’m glad to hear your safe and happy.

we barely talk but he hasn’t changed AT ALL. his dad basically gave up and didn’t stick to his word. he didn’t make dan get real treatment but he still got to stay with him. he smoked a few times. finally he kicked him out. but of course SOMEONE SE let him stay with them for free… he will NEVER realize he is a loser and a user if people keep letting him land on his feet and guide him through life… he had a drug test and smoked weed the entire week and was surprised he failed… guess i just hope they kick him out at some point and he has to see on his own how little he can do. but it’s not my problem anymore at least.

I hope things improve for you…

OMG!!! You are describing my life exactly! This is verbatim everything that happens with me and my boyfriend. And I’m just getting tired…

uggg you must be stressed beyond belief!! is he the one with schizophrenia? for a while i felt bad for my boyfriend (now ex) because he couldn’t help being paranoid. but LYING IS NOT A SYMPTOM! i had to keep reminding myself of that. lying is your boyfriend’s true nature and lying is not healthy or good for a relationship. it’s not fair to you!

He is the one with Schizophrenia. I have tried to be patient bc there is a part of me that knows he gets paranoid but the constant accusations and stuff get so exhausting. I dont want to leave him but if something doesn’t change soon. I’ll have I choice but to walk away

just remember he is not your tesponsibility. this forum has told me that for over a year! i knew it was true but i couldn’t help but want to help him.

and also, having schizophrenia is NOT an excuse to lie to you or take advantage of you or be mean to you in any way!

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