I feel hopeless

I’ve posted on here before. My fiance of two and a half years is now my ex. He broke up with me online, not in person or even over the phone. Just cold heartless words on a screen. He still talks to me once a week on Sunday. He calls them “contact day”. Sometimes he is sweet and will send me a kiss and other days are so horribly painful. Like today. All he did was attack me with his horrible delusions against me, thinking that I have people spying on him and trying to kill him. I know it’s the disease and not him but it hurts so much. I still love him with all my heart. He still has not gotten treatment and his parents ignore it.
If you have held on through all the pain of loving some affected with Schizophrenia, please write to me. Please tell me how you got through each day, how you dealt with the pain of that person saying horrible crazy things against you. Please tell me how you kept your hope alive.
On days like this I feel so hopeless.

If he’s consistently treating you bad it might be healthier to let him go. Not everybody is fit enough to be in certain relationships.

I am not the loved one of a person with schizophrenia. I am the person with schizophrenia. I used to think my wife was out to get me before I got on meds and got treatment. Now she is the only person I truly trust. I hate to hear he is not getting treatment. I went almost 15 years before I did. I am just sorry to hear all of this and wanted to lend my support.

Thank you so much for replying. I would give anything to be given 15+ years with him. I am happy to hear that you and your wife are still together. She must be a wonderful strong woman.
What made you finally get treatment and did it totally erase the delusions you were having? What did she do to help you? How did she handle it?
You and your wife are the kind of people I was hoping to hear from, people who made it through and still love each other.

So many people act like a person can just walk away from the person they love who has a mental illness. I don’t understand this. People wouldn’t say this to someone who loves a person with some other disease.

I really want to hear from those who made it through the rough times and how they coped with it.

She is definately a strong woman. The key is to always be honest with him even if it hurts. That is how you build trust. Feel free to pm me.

Thank you so much

Hey, I don’t know the guy. Sounds like he’s treating you bad. But they say “Love conquers all”.

If you can get medications into him he will probably improve. Try to convince him to take medications.

Thank you. I don’t know how to convince him. I used to be the only person he trusted and now he doesn’t trust me either. I feel so hopeless that he will ever get treatment. I feel so powerless to help him. He has been like this for 8 months. He has shown signs for longer but the past 8 months it has been really bad on him.

I hope the “Love conquers all” saying is true.

I’ve never been in love.

That is the saddest thing ever:( I’m so sorry:(

Don’t cry for me Argentina, lol. I rationalize it. I’ve never been in love=therefore I will excel in other areas in my life. I will fill the gap in my life with other things.

I hope love will find you. Love is the greatest experience of all. Before the delusions took over him, we were so happy and it was the most breathtakingly beautiful experience I’ve ever had. Everyone deserves to be truly loved in their lifetime. Nothing else can replace it.

My family loves me.

But thanks anyway.

Ok. I’m sorry. Thanks for replying.

People have to see that they can and need help; or get committed.
Like anything drugs alcohol and as I am learning rock bottom; made me get help.
I will send good thoughts to him and you.

Thank you so much for the good thoughts.