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I left him today and I cannot go back

This is so so so hard to hear… I am trying so hard to stay strong and help be a healthy supportive member of my SO life. I know the limitations of this illness and I am ready to at least attempt to make a solid effort to understand what he needs from me at all times. Depending on myself enough that I can help him learn to depend on himself again. He has saved me from so much and been a constant light in my life. I want to do nothing more than return the favor. Even if all I can be in the end is a support person. I have high hopes for his recovery though. He is very strong minded and such a well rounded person and has amazing support from his family. It’s being caught and treated fairly early compared to other stories I’ve read, and that he has a lot of positive things pointing him in the right direction. My heart bleeds for you. I could not even imagine the pain of having to let go. Understanding and empathy is sometimes the best you’ll ever be able to offer. :heart::heart::heart: Strongly suggest you find a support group to help you through your healing from this experience

Also, I understand the statement about the younger people here and mostly agree. Although I come from a long background of knowledge about mental illness so I feel I have an advantage into understanding my loved ones illness.