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I love you/It's over

I am so sick of this illness. I am so sick of the yo-yo bullshit. One day it’s “I love you, I’m so lucky”, the next day it’s “our relationship is over”.
I feel like I did in high school when I dated an abuser, always making excuses for their behaviour and feeling sorry for them.
I am tired of crying. Tired of being my spouse’s advocate, tired of trying to keep them alive while they treat me like shit and break my heart.
And why is that the sick persons behaviour is always excusable but my being hurt by it is not? My daughter just said that ‘it shouldn’t bother me because I know he is delusional’…
I am broken. I no longer know what to believe. But am certainly not feeling that ’ he loves me’ is what’s true anymore.


I feel your pain. Take a moment for yourself. Maybe a nice outing with your daughter just the two of you. Keep well

I’ve been diagnosed as sza. I don’t expect anyone to put up with mistreatment from me, and I don’t mistreat people.

Is your spouse taking their meds? I would first try to figure that out. Then if they’re not, I would not put up with that. If they are taking their meds, I would encourage them to see their dr with you to discuss med adjustments to help you both out. Just because your spouse is mentally ill doesn’t mean you have to get trampled on all the time.

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