I’m really scared for my son

My son (21M) was diagnosed with schizophrenia about a year ago. We’re in a really rough patch right now, new meds (3 days). Last night, he dreamt he committed suicide. He’s had the occasional self-harming thought in the past, but never gone through with anything and has always been very vocal against suicide as a way out. The past few days, his girlfriend (it’ll be 2 years in 3 days) has been very distant. Last night she told him that, if he has to go to residential care, she thinks they should “take a break” so he can focus on his health. My mama-heart is angry she would say that, but my brain knows that her feelings are valid whatever they are. How worry about his dream is reasonable? Also, should I move the guns out of the house? My son has never handled a gun but my father has several rifles.

Probably would be a good idea to remove the guns. If your son notices you could say his dream about suicide made you nervous so you wanted them out of the house.

Although my son is not doing it right now, he has in the past seen a psychologist on a weekly basis, along with his monthly visit to the psychiatrist. If your son’s insurance will cover it and you can afford the co-pays I think that would also be useful.

There’s a national suicide hotline Suicide Crisis Lifeline you could check into to see what it’s about.


Yes, I would say the guns should be out of the home. I am an Air Force vet, and was almost qualified back then for the marksman ribbon (missed by one shot), so I know how to handle a gun and I still go to the shooting range these days. But there has not, and never will be now, a gun in my home since my daughter’s illness. Mention of suicide was enough for me to get the guns out of the house.

Thanks for the validation! I contacted an Uncle this morning and he came and took all the guns to secure at his house!

Could his girlfriend just simply care enough to not add more stress to your son’s life at this time? I get it, she is allowed to step off -on this forum I have often encouraged people in a similar position to step off. She could just do a gradual fade out of his life. This is a delicate time for him.

Glad you removed the guns and glad he does share his thoughts and dreams with you.

Thank you! It’s a huge blessing that he’s still so communicative.