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I need a way to institutionalize my fiancé

The police can’t do it as he’s currently not a danger to himself or others. Lately he told me he wants to remove his tooth fillings and has called several dentists over the past hour, all which have told him they cannot do it without replacing them, which he does not want as he believes that the mercury is causing him pain and is causing him to lose his sanity. He just told me he wants to go to another city to do it or that he’ll even go to Mexico if he needs to. I do not want him to end up like the man in Denmark or the other one in California that I’ve been reading about on here. I want to file a court order/petition to institutionalize him for a couple months until he gets better. How do I do it? I’m willing to hire a lawyer if I have to.

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His intention to remove his filling-- is it not a danger to him?
One or two more items like that and you should have enough for the court (i am just guessing)


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It is, but I need something that lasts more than 3 days. hugs

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You know…
I would suggest going to the unit at a hospital and just chatting with a nurse nicely.

I have done that. I went to the unit and said: i am about to get a court order for my daughter, she will be here in a few days, but i have a couple of general questions…


Do you have any legal status that would make it possible for you to do this? If he is his own guardian, I don’t think you can do more than press for hospitalization due to a danger to himself, and advocate for the courts to require a longer hospitalization.

If you have some legal standing, there is still not a simple pathway to a longer stay, or ‘institutionalization’. In my state, my son spent some time in what was called a ‘Level 2’ Facility, which includes a locked facility and 24 hour nursing care. It had a psychiatrist on-staff, but was NOT an essentially therapeutic environment, tho it was a safe one, which is what I felt he needed at that time. (I have guardianship.) Admission there HAD to come from a hospital, it could not come just from home or another setting.

My son also was kept in the hospital by the court for 2 -3 months. That started as a 3 day hold, and the psychiatrist had to go to court and argue that it was for my son’s safety that he remain in hospital. That was at a large city hospital, and there happened to be a very pro-active psychiatrist who could see how sick my son was at that time. I was not guardian at that time, andI really didn’t have any say in the matter, other than instigating the initial 3 day hold. After that, it was up to the doctor and the court.

What did you have to do to get the court order?

I’m just his fiancé. He signed a couple of papers saying I had the right to make medical decisions at a clinic for him, but I don’t know if that is enough.

Unless it was a legal document, such as power of attorney or guardianship, it doesn’t sound like it would be enough.

Yeah, I don’t think so either. How could I get him to sign one of those (POA)? Obviously he won’t go for guardianship, his mom is representative payee and even she can’t get him hospitalized. I already spoke to her and she said she would not give him money if he asked for any, so she’s going to be managing it more carefully.

At one time, I was able to get a Mental Health pickup order through the sheriff’s office. It required supporting evidence from at least 3 people, giving specific evidence that he was potentially a danger to himself or others, all of the forms had to be notarized and handed in at the sheriff’s office. I then worked with them to identify when he might be somewhere that they could pick him up.

But again, this only led to a 3-day hold, which only the hospital and court could extend.

You would have to consult with a lawyer, but honestly, I would not encourage you to pursue power of attorney with a fiance.

Can those three people include police officers, aside me? Okay, thank you.

Oh wow! That’s more that i had.

Yes, he’ll allow me to be at his doctor’s visits and make appointments for him and even speak on his behalf with anything involving him – except he doesn’t get he needs mental help. Only once did he consider hospitalizing himself and then he changed his mind.

I am in Canada.
I called Non emergency police and one of support service numbers and found out about

  • forms and procedures as well as the
  • court deadlines (they would send the police the same evening, but i had to be at the court no later than 2)

I went to court and filled out a sheet of paper. I had about three lines to provide examples of the danger to self and others. He will get to see this paper, so choose carefully. (I mentioned a certain situation, and now my daughter got better and is stressing out cause she caused danger to her grandma)

Then there was a quick court where i was able to provide the judge with more details.

The rest was up to them. I went home and waited. I went to the hospital with them to support my daughter, but she was angry at me for many days. I kept going every day even though she kept rejecting me

He is a danger to himself if he is going to do something dangerous with his teeth, especially not knowing how he will go about it…I would have told the police that you do not feel safe for him or yourself in this delusional condition. Call Probate and see what your options are. I hope you find answers. You have the right to consult a social worker in your local hospital also…especially if you are fortunate enough to have a hospital with a psychiatric unit in your area. Also can you call his psychiatrist’s office about this, does he have one?


@Doctor. – I don’t have a concrete answer for you but I do believe if you contact his mental health care provider and let them know what is going on and not let up that you may get some help. Wanting his teeth pulled can be dangerous and perhaps he will try to do it himself and that makes him a danger to himself. I’m so sorry of what you’re going through and I pray someone will listen to you and take action. Keep us posted.

Did it all happen on the same day?

I called the police a few days ago, which is why I did not call again and he was not violent and somewhat calm, so last time they came they saw he was calm and didn’t do anything.

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Not sure if his psychiatrist will do much, last time we went he said I should leave him.