I want my son out of the house

30 years- wow! that really is good to hear.
The blood draws slow to every four weeks but yes it is a big commitment that probably would fail if I wasn’t making sure it happened.

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Your brother has been taking the Clozapine for 30 years! I wonder if he tried other meds prior to it. We’ve had our son 30 years on other different meds with periods of going unmedicated and for the last 5 years or so it seems it’s getting harder to stabilize him. I inquired about Clozapine to the doctor and he seems to believe that my son is not a candidate for it due to the blood draws every couple of weeks.

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Hospital last year started my Son on Clozapine for about 5 weeks and he continue taking it for couple of weeks after he was discharged from Hospital but he started refusing blood draw and his doctor switch him to injectible and oral medicine…he still talk to himself with these meds…

Rosa, my brother tried other meds like Haldol and respiradol and did not work well with him.
the Hospital last year started with my son on Clozapine for 4 weeks but he did not want to continue the blood draw after he was discharged from Hospital. My son is now on Injectible (Invega Monthly Injection) and additional oral meds but still talking to himself.
he is calmer and less agressive but I get stressed out when his injection is due. Last month the Nurse gave him the injection in the parking lot because he refused to go to clinic. he said that he had high Anxiety and he is refusing to take anti-anxiety meds.
will keep trying to see what works for him… praying always about it.

I have not kept up with you guys. I’ve been rolling coasting with my son for about a year now. Regarding the tactile sensations: I was reading this morning about it, a girl with undiagnosed autism had it, the same as the smell of metallics. Many years ago my own son was saying that he could smell sulphur and he said he was in hell. Love your sense of humor! :slight_smile:

Due to the frequent blood draws, my son would not stay on it. It was hard enough to get my son to get a blood draw after a year of being on meds. His Dr was going to stop all meds if he didn’t do it. It wasn’t good.

I see- I am grateful that at least for now my son doesn’t object to the blood draws.
I really relate to your description of life on hold. No vacations, hard to have friends over etc.
The last time I took off for just a weekend I came home and found that my son had skipped his meds. He relies on me to go in and hand them to him.
I do despair about the future and what will happen to him after I’m gone. Still I remind myself that at least right now he is relatively stable. When the psychosis takes hold it is so obviously terrifying for him (and also for us just different). He sleeps all day and doesn’t have any friends to speak of. It is just so sad living here.