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I was going to get married but!


I met a real sweet guy 4 years ago after being a widow for 3 years we were talking marriage till my son got sick now I feel that I can not go thru with it, I know marriage is hard enough with out the added stress of a grown child living with us and he is not always a nice guy when he tried to come off meds,I think it would be a disaster …He is not around my son a lot but I can tell he is stressed when he is…what to do>


I know you love your son, and you want to do what’s best for him and you, but you can’t let his illness consume you and ruin you. If your ruined and burnt out you will end up ill too. Then it all just gets worse.

Have you looked into getting a PACT team or other help in dealing with your son so you can leave the house and you can have a relationship?

A support group in your area?

Getting a case worker for him or a visiting nurse to help positively reinforce med compliance or therapy. You have to take care of yourself too. Remission is possible, but no one can do it alone.

I’m rooting for you.


You should get married anyway, although your son is what he is. I got divorced in 2000, although I have never got any divorce papers from America and I know it can be difficult to find a good partner, which is why you should proceed with this marriage and your life with this partner. I have not had any relations with any women in the past 14 years. So that was just my thinking.


Thanks for the info , its something I will talk to a social worker about…Thanks for rooting for me too!!


I have been married twice my sons father for 18 years till his drug use caused a split,Then I met the man of my dreams we had 15 beautiful years, but God has other plans for me I guess He passed in 08 and now I meet another great man…ai am blessed…