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I'm besides myself


My 45 year old daughter is currently in her disease She doesn’'t takd any medications and when she gets them she is non compliant. She lives with her boyfriend of 22 years and I’m just besides myself with what actions I can take to help. She hangs up on us and won’t let me in the house when I go to her door. I am thinking of calling her psychiatrist tomorrow. I don’t know if he will speak with me. Her Father went over to see her the other day and she booked it out of a window and ran. She is so sick with the disease. Any suggestions?



I don’t know what you could do other than to continue to love and try to support her at a distance. Does her boyfriend encourage her to take her meds? You could write the things you mentioned and dates and send the psychiatrist a letter from her parents to put in her file. The psychiatrist cannot make her take her meds and she probably doesn’t see him if she isn’t supported elsewhere. I know your heart must ache with sorrow and I pray things will turn around. At least you are there and that is huge.


Thanks for you kind reply. I do like the idea of sending her psychiatrist a letter from both myself and her Dad. By the way we are divorced however I am still in touch with him as she is with his also. I sit her Dad down and create a letter to her psychiatrist



Keep praying they find a cure for this horrible illness. I know if my son were suddenly out of my life, I would use what I learned as caregiver to do something to help this community. So many families have had to just back off or get away. We’ve been close ourselves because of frustration. Perhaps you could find something you could do that would help her without her knowing it was you. Just a thought. Hang in there