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Immigrate to Canada

Me and my wife want apply to immigrate to Canada. We have different professions. She is nurse and I carpenter. Which profession of these is better to apply with?

Nurse is better, lots of carpenters out of work. The catch is that you will wind up in a community up north likely where no one else wants to work or live because of the expenses and, er, ‘local culture’.


Hi @gibolawot12
I immigrated to canada in 2011. The lawyer and paperwork cost me 7k and i had to show bank balance 10k

Im a graphic designer and had 5 years exp at that time. I had to study french to accumulate points. I guess it’s very tough for lebanese to immigrate here. The interview lasted 2 hours and she questioned me in english and french.

Depends where ure from, i know moldavi people dont even have to know english to come here.

Good luck! It’s not easy at all.

You might think about how your med’s will affect your ability to deal with the climate. Canada gets cold in the winter, and if you are a carpenter you will have to work outside.

Why doesn’t everyone in Canada immigrate to the United States and everybody in the United States immigrate to Canada and then we can declare war on Mexico?

Nurse without a doubt.

Too hot.