Involuntary commitment - leave US

Greetings to everybody. It seems like so many of us get stuck between a rock and a hard place with respect to civil commitment rules, requiring a loved one to be “a danger or to themselves or others”.

Has anyone successfully travelled with their loved one to a jurisdiction that has different rules (or contemplated it)?

It seems that some countries may look differently at the rules surrounding involuntary commitment. Does anyone know if this is true, and, if so, where one might go to get their loved one help for SZ, DD, etc?

We used to have several members in the UK, they seemed to have a much easier time getting with involuntary commitment. I suspect the support in the UK varies depending upon your location.

Thanks! So many of us see loved ones who are a living a life that’s riddled with long-term risk (delusions/social isolation/homelessness) and want to offer an alternative, but get hamstrung by the need for an imminent risk to self or others.

If/when that risk occurs, the person receiving treatment can say they won’t cause harm and are released in short order (say after a 24-72 hour hold).

I was thinking maybe Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE or somewhere in Eastern Asia or South America there might be a more aggressive (sympathetic?) approach toward involuntary commitment that could allow for a longer hold of 30-90 days. While it would be an expensive option, it could allow someone lucidity to thoughtfully evaluate his/her life and long-term preferences of medication and therapy.