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Is this a common thing to believe

Thank you, @Hummingbird , yes, you are totally right, the normal activities I’ve had with my daughter since her release from the hospital on Dec 9 are just daily miracles. I can tell the Haldol shot is wearing off, as each day is a bit more that she goes off to be alone and talk to her “friends”. But, still wonderfully social right now. This will be the first holiday tomorrow that she has participated in, since 4 years ago. I am so very happy for “normal” right now. We are blessed for sure.

I hope you have some lovely normal going on too.

My sons car was his spaceship and he was a star that fell from the sky…I could tell you some stories…nothing would surprise me after 9 years of dealing with this…however, he has not taken a pill for 4 years, he gets an injection 4 times a year and it’s awesome. It’s not a total turn around and I highly doubt it ever would be since schizophrenia is a degenerative brain disease, but it is better than wondering if he is taking his meds, because trust me he doesn’t think he needs them and he will not take them.


Does your daughter cover her head with blankets ever to block so called delusion?

Mine stays under most of time.

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No that never happened, pulling a blanket over her head. No. She didn’t seem to want to stop the delusions, she just sometimes tried to hide them from others by turning her head or covering her mouth when talking to her “friends”. She did isolate herself in her room most of the hours of the day though.

As a Schizophrenic person, I personally think communication is always real and never something created by Sz patients minds

But the fact communication is real doesn’t mean that it is positive for Sz patients (how could you know who you are talking to and what does the being truly want?)

From my own experience and what I read on this forum, beings who usually talk to Sz patients are astral parasites and enjoy creating (or trying to create) chaos and confusion on our lives

They never say things like ‘ignore me, you should focus on your life and achieve what you want and take care of your responsibilities’, they always want to distract you from reality

In my case, I feel like auditory hallucinations (voices) are always true communication, something talks to me (an astral parasite or maybe several), and that parasite generates the delusions and visual hallucinations (it can try to make me believe it is an alien or a superior being or god or the devil or a deceased loved one or whatever)

I can ‘perceive’ the delusions, but I don’t actually suffer them (because I already know how to focus on the real world)… It is like the parasites were trying to make me believe I’m on a situation that I’m not really into.

For example, I’m in my room and the parasites generate a delusion, where I’m on the street fighting with someone, or where I’m at work talking to co-workers

Some spiritual people who shares my belief about the existence of these astral parasites and the effects of their influences on schizophrenic people, say the parasites do try to generate as much chaos and confusion -on our minds- as they can and to distract us from reality so we are more prone to making mistakes that generate negative emotions, because the parasites do feed on negative emotions, such as anger, hate, sadness, etc.

The mistakes can be for example, making the schizophrenic person believe there are aliens on the backyard that came to teach the schizophrenic person how to save the world or to inform the schizophrenic person that the CIA and the FBI are after him…

So the schizophrenic person goes to the backyard to meet the ‘aliens’ and gets distracted from what he or she really wanted to do, like going to class or going to work or just doing something that does not imply paying attention to delusions… And then the person gets sad or angry because he or she thinks life is way more complicated thant it really is, when life seems more complex than it really is because you are paying attention to the delusions and because you don’t know how to avoid paying attention to the delusions and you may even think all what you see is real (the UFO landing on the backyard and aliens coming to talk to you)

Personally, when I perceive the delusions I just focus on my physical body and on maintaining it relaxed (since accumulated tension produces misalignment between the physical body and the energetic one, and for example from misalignment one can experience symptoms similar to Tardive Diskynesia). I focus on the sensations of my feet on the floor, on the weight of my body, etc.

That allows me to live a normal life without the need for medication

P.S.: astral parasites can make you see whatever they want if you are distracted from your physical body, it can be aliens, it can be shadows, it can be a deceased loved one, the devil, barnie the dinosaur, CIA agents… As a person suffering from Schizophrenia, one needs to learn to focus on the physical body, physical sensations and body weight all the time, so you can feel normal most of the time and you can easily realize when you are seeing things that are not real (for example, the ufo landing on the backyard and the aliens talking to you), and you know what to do when that happens (focus on your body and the UFO and the aliens will suddenly dissappear)