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It is no fun being guardian


My son’s meds just don’t seem to be cutting it like they used to. He is managing on his own - with lots of support - but is also still very symptomatic. He hates that I can make decisions about his medication. But he also spends hours every day worrying and angry about … all kinds of delusional stuff. I think it is time to try something different. He is going to be PISSED.

But what if the next one is THE one??? And he could get a semblance of a ‘normal’ life back???


What does the psychiatrist say when you describe the situation?


He says some delusions are very persistent. But he is willing to try other meds. My son tends to be non-compliant if he doesnt agree with what is prescribed.


It is not just that he is symptomatic, but that he gets very angry and rages and gets verbally abusive. If he just talked nicely about his beliefs, I would accept that.


Maybe it would be better if he was told about the med change by the psychiatrist , instead of it coming from you. It sounds like he’s in a vulnerable position and might feel loss of dignity if it comes from you. Especially if it’s ever used as a retort.

If you can make it sound like it’s the doctors decision (which in reality it is), then that might be better.


Im getting tired of getting my life spelled out on a screen…lol…so many comparisons it’s ridicilous


I’m sorry, would be nice if the next med tried was the one. My partner was lucky I didn’t rage I was terrified of my delusions and hallucinations. Maybe that’s better maybe its not. I lost a bunch of weight because I was scared to eat I thought even my partner was poisoning me. Risperidone and fanapt weren’t the meds for me but my psychiatrist refused to try others. Luckily you ha e a doctor willing to work with your son.


Yes, I always make sure it comes from the psychiatrist.


My son does the same thing! Very hard to deal with–you try to help and they need it but do and say things that make you want to tell them where to go!
We try to let him have as much say as possible concerning his own decisions, but he is very rude-mean-and you can hardly get 2 words in. Then, a few hours later, I will get a call like nothing ever happened…
Someone on here said usually this means the person might be in a lot of pain ( mentally ). I can imagine that–but why do they keep biting the hand the is feeding them?? I don`t get it…
I hope your son can see some improvement with new meds. OO


An update - my son is much more stable right now - as in for at least a week. I think I have given up thinking that this can last, but am enjoying for whatever time it lasts.


I’m glad your son is doing better. Was there a med change?


He was changed to Risperdal Consta, and the dose was increased.


my son is usually angry with me…I just put him in the hospital…wow is he angry. doesn’t think anything is wrong with him.He wants out now and I want him home again. I’m looking at long term commitment to a state hospital…What type of help should i get? Attorney? What type of attorney? My son is passive at home. How do i get him home? Please advise.