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It seriously never ends

I swear anytime i feel like things are finally getting better my life crashes and burns. my mother has schizophrenia i just got out of the house luckily but long story short my mom started having delusions a while back and at one point i had to pry a knife away from her throat at the age of 15 after she tried to kill her self she finally got help, she had gotten admitted to the hospital before but was always sent home without help but this time was different. it really took her trying to end her life to get help! they put her on a antipsychotic and it worked for her she occasionally got off it but we were always able to get her to take it again. but then she switched doctors and they took her off the antipsychotic… you guessed it she went back to being delusional a year later. we just got her to the psychologist after A LOT of fighting and he told her that she was delusional but he was uncomfortable giving her meds because she is on so many medications from other health issues and she’s also addicted to a pain medication so putting another medication in the mix could potentially kill her so they want her to go to a psychiatric hospital to detox from some of the medications but as we all know… you can’t convince someone who doesn’t think they have anything wrong to go lock themselves up in a hospital. so we are back at it again tryin to get her admitted to a hospital hoping it doesn’t end in her hurting herself. why don’t doctors consider people’s past? why can’t they just admit her against her will they know she’s not in her right mind! i’m just so sick of this same cycle over again i just want to move past this and get on with my life.

Hi Regan, I’m sorry for everything you’re going through. I understand how frustrating it can be. My sister has been to the hospital hundreds of times without being admitted unless she admits to being suicidal or a harm to others. I would suggest looking into Lps Conservatorship, this helps to get the patient admitted. This video was shared by many in this forum and I think it’s helpful.
Nami’s family to family group had really informative lessons and it’s nice to be able to relate to others. I hope you find an outlet for yourself, best of luck to you.


I can understand your frustration @regan_spanbauer . Your post title is correct, for caregivers and relatives and the afflicted themselves, it seriously never ends… Things change and cause a ripple effect throughout life. We hope for the crises to end when they occur, and for the stable times to last longer. I’m so sorry that your mother didn’t get more help the last time she tried to hurt herself. I’m surprised that she wasn’t able to be force hospitalized for med management. I hope you find a way to balance your own life so that you can get on with your own goals while trying to help your mom. She will probably always need a support system.