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This is never going to end

My fiance was in the hospital less thab 2 weeka ago MHA. They jept hom for less than 15 hours. The screaming and threatening continues. He is yelling at the walls saying his speakers are tapped. My whole house is tapped. This cycle is so cruel. Nothing ever happens!!!I have to leave my home to get peace. so dam exhausted i try to tslj to him and he doesn’t hear me. He spends all day talking to himself and listening to loid music from the 70’s. Yesterday we went for a ride to the pier. He had to bring a bag with his bluetooth speakers, candy, pop and we walked the pier but with the music playing. He even dresses like its 1970 something. Dress shoes on the beach? He tried to program his phone into my car and he couldnt do it and totally wigged out and screamed all the way home and at home. Today after we left his storage room he was sitting in the passenger seat and started screaming in my face that i had to pull over then started kicking my dashboard with his feet until i moved the car. When he goes to see his family which is hardly ever he turns it off. Its always on with me. His brother, whom he hasnt seen in years, during his psychosis, told him as he took him to a motel and not HIS HOUSE, if you go back to Laurie’s we are not helping you anymore… I am so angry with them, they have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and then try to blame me! How disgusting. I have been the ONLY ONE WHO HAS DEALT WITH THIS NIGHTMARE WHILE THEY LIVE THIER HAPPY LIVES, HOLIDAYS ETC.

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@Laz - I can relate to everything you said except for the vintage dressing. When my ex’s issues began, his parents blamed me. His mother’s comment said something like “when we adopted him, he would have been perfectly fine or they would not have put him up for adoption.” DUH! I had no knowledge of mental illnesses back then but have learned in the many, many years since. If you have no children with him, is this the life you want for yourself? Maybe I’m being too blunt but this (SZ) is genetic, incurable and is pure hell to live with unless you can find the medications that can control it. And so far, I’ve found nothing for my son that lasts for more than two or three years - and I’ve been trying, trying, trying for more years than I can count. :palm_tree:

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You should talk to his family and tell them what you just wrote. it is important you are all on board.

I agree but they dont answer my calls or tell me to call 911. They already loat one brother to suicide before i came into the picture. How cold and callous! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::disappointed_relieved::frowning:

That’s terrible. Maybe they too are mentally ill. It seems that you have an important decision to make: whether to stay or to leave and provide support from a distance. Without meds will not be any improvement.