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Its happening again

My son has entered ANOTHER treatment program. I sure hope this one works. I have become very wary of all the promises they give and then my son comes out worse than when he went in. I think that I am asking all the right questions, and they sure know how to give me the answers that I want to hear. They are in it for the money and only the money! As long as my insurance pays, they will keep giving me the answers I want. I think this is like the 5th or 6th one. They said they know how to deal with the mental issues, but I have heard that story so many times before. I guess all that I can do at this point is enjoy this stress free month without him and see what happens, and pray this one will work!


I am so sorry Tippy that you and your son are going through this. My daughter was hospitalized 5 times before she stayed on her medication long enough to break the 3 year psychosis. That last hospitalization she was put on a long acting injection and it made ALL the difference to us. She had no insurance at the time, and they released her after 7 days, but the medicine created big changes and she was court ordered to stay on it or she never would have gotten the 2nd shot while out of the hospital. I hope that this treatment program helps your son. Yes, the facility is happiest when they are getting paid and won’t keep a patient for free very long. It is such a hard road to navigate getting treatment for our loved ones.

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