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LEAP Role Play - Help Requested

Since LEAP implies acknowledging his feelings, i would say “I am very glad you are fine”.
Abt the singer he likes I would ask what do you like abt his sings, what is your favorite, I like this one …;
Also I would not worry much about him being cold or eating once a day. At least he is eating and have a roof over his head. I do not think he would die of hunger or hypothermia. do not try to solve all his problems. Concentrate in the bigger things like stay on meds, isolation, relationships.

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Thank you for responding. My son has not had any meds in him for about ten years. He was severely traumatized at the psych hospital, and has never gone back. He is extremely isolated… I am the only person in his life. I do my best to manage his money, stop by to see him daily, and send him encouragement on his computer.

Any other ideas?

I know you don’t want to submit him to further trauma, I really do understand your hesitation. Could it maybe be time to try medical help again? He is really pushing his situation and appears to be risking his life for the planet.

Ten years has been a long time, maybe things have changed, do you have a local NAMI?

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Both the county sheriff’s deputies and the Crisis Intervention Team have told me that he doesn’t meet criteria for involuntary hospitalization.

The lady that I spoke with at Nami said I was SOL, and there was nothing that I could do.

The conservatorship office said I needed to let him fail… that I was the problem.

Can you hide your phone in your pocket (use the camera’s video option) and record a conversation with him about his plan to affect the weather?

Use LEAP and slowly work to ask him if he plans to sacrifice his life to help the planet. Remember to use his statements back and stay calm and supportive.

If he says he doesn’t plan to sacrifice his life, use LEAP to discuss the current risks that have you concerned that he is putting his life in danger.

If this has posted twice, my apologies suddenly I can’t see what I wrote.

I have sent you a private message.

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