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Living alone or in a foster home?

My son, who’s 38 years old with schizophrenia has been living on his own apartment for the last 3 years. He is about 3 blocks from my house, so I get to see him almost everyday, which is very hard sometimes, since I worked all day, but I have to stop every morning to leave him hot breakfast and lunch, than I stopped every evening to make sure he takes his meds. Still, I don’t see any improvement, besides he’s basically destroying his apartment… braking windows, making huge holes in the walls and I assumed is because he’ so lonely, doing absolutely nothing, he doesn’t want a TV or Computer, and rarely he listens to an old radio he has. My question is: Should I let him keep living on his own or find him a good foster home? His rent is so high, his SSI is only for the rent, I’ll have to cover all other expenses, besides, I feel so tired with daily routine, even weekends I have to cook for him, everyday have to feed him and take him a pack of cigarretes, otherwise he won’t have control of none of that.
I won’t be for him for ever, so mind as well, find him a good place where he could live and I can still visit him once or twice a week, I just feel bad, that he’ll be living with strangers, not family
Suggestions? He’s my only son, my husband is not his father and he had lived with us; but is very difficult to adjust. Please help me!

Welcome to the forum. Do you know what options are available for your son? It can be very trying on yourself, not to speak of the financial burden. Call a help center or social services, they may be able to help direct you to the appropriate advocate.
Take care, AnnieNorCal