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Living with enablers


our home quiet last year and half since daughter moved out ,just wondering anyone eles dealing with an enabler.daughter received 700 a month ssi ,i asked 200 a month her living at home most months she gave zero.her money was spent on casino myth alcohol cig.her dad would take her to casino pick her up take her to her drug dealer wait for her in her alcohol cig personal needs deliver it to her.she did no house work cooking.her druggy friends flopped in our home off and on.rages abuse violence police in out destruction.i couldnt fight them both was impossible.jen is paranoid skitz bi polor the drugs alcohol only made matters worse.jen moved out at 30 moved in with a girl friend no more drugs takes her meds every day no more violence,or destruction.shes still mentally ill still an alcoholic but deals with life a heck of a lot better with her daddy not in the same house


sounds like he was feeding all of her habits,

its a shame bc sometimes it is better to not give them what they need even though they are your family, you cant be spoon fed your whole life,


If you give someone a crutch she is likely to lean on it. After a while she can’t walk without it. That’s why you have to be careful what kind of crutches you give a person.


i agree he only fed her illness.the odd thing is there was 2 times she was very ill she took to cutting i and sis had her committed dad refused to sign.2 nd time she shot up pain pills her arm was horridly infected i tricked her to go to hospital ,dad wasnt concerned she was emitted right away drs operated next day said any longer she would have lost her arm or died.i wish i would have been a stronger parent,was all i could do to just not break again myself