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Medicaid integrated Health Home

I’ve followed this forum awhile, and surprised to figure out today that nobody is talking about Medicaid Integrated Health Home it’s called in my state. My family member recommended it, she uses it. Even provides rides to mental health care appointments. I live in Iowa, here’s the program description.

For the lost and confused caregivers on this forum the program may provide ways to assist your family member.


We have this. I think it’s a good idea. It’s just starting and they don’t yet fully coordinate the kind of wrap around care we are searching for.

But I like the idea and the goal a lot.

Thank you. It’s worth checking out in our individual states.

Thank you for posting this.

I live in the Pacific Northwest and my state has this for as long my daughter was diagnosed and maybe even longer. My daughter has wrap around treatment - she has a therapist, caseworker and psychiatrist. Unfortunately right now she refuses to listen to anyone and has given me many conspiracy theories and mostly its about me wanting her to be mentally ill. So its difficult for anyone to help her. She shuts down in front of her caseworker, therapist and psychiatrist but I must say that her treatment team has been so extremely helpful in the past and they want to reach out to her now but she is refusing to listen to anyone. I’ve never seen her so negative, angry, delusional etc…or maybe she has been that way all along and I was in denial.

I’m hoping that tomorrow’s appointment with her psychiatrist will be a good one.

While this is not a service that was offered during those times when it would have helped, right now… and for years, without SSI and Medicaid, my child would have been lost.

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