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Memorial of a family member gone too soon


My mother’s friend lost her granddaughter last night.

She was a beautiful young woman who was born with great promise. Schizophrenia stopped this lovely bud before she could fully bloom. She had great dreams and hopes for herself and never let some of them go.

May God bless us all and may this family feel the support of all of us.


So sorry to hear this Hope. May her family find peace.


I am sorry to hear of this loss.


So sorry to hear this, thoughts are with the girls family x


@hope - If you want to tell us a little about your friend’s granddaughter, please feel free to here. I’d like to hear about the positive part of her life. Only if you want to.


So sorry to hear of your news. :rose:


So sorry to hear of your loss.


That poor family. That poor child. So tragic.

Bless them all. Bless us all.



Wishing your families peace and comfort.


So sad to hear your news hope she’s in a better place god bless her soul :disappointed:


Thanks so much everyone for noting her family’s loss.

I don’t feel comfortable sharing more on the forum about her. The loss is too fresh for her family and I wouldn’t want to invade their privacy.

When the congressman’s son died after trying to kill one of his parents, the congressman did not want his son remembered for his illness or the actions that happened during scz episodes.

Similar to the movie “Moana” which my velveteen grandson can’t stop watching,

“This is not who you are.
This does not define you”


I am sorry to hear that about this beautiful young woman.God bless her soul.
How did she died?


yes, this is private and I apologize for asking about the cause of death.
What congressman’s are you referring to?
I am going to Watch “Moana”
this is very emotional.


I did private message you.

It was Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds who lost his son. He gave a very poignant interview with 60 minutes on January 26, 2014


My deepest condolences to you and your friend. Ay she now truly Rest In Peace. A sad loss.


My deepest condolences xx soothing thoughts for all xxx


KDKMAN has lost his son.

KDKMAN, would you like to tell us about Charles before he developed scz?


Oh, I’m so sorry to hear of your loss KDKMAN.


I am so. Dry sorry for your loss. My deepest condolences to you, your friend and her family.

May she truly Rest In Peace.


Yes, I googled it. it is a sad story.