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Mental Hygiene Arrest 2 times

Here we go again. 2 mental hygiene arrests in less than 30 days The day after Thanksgiving u went to the store and when I came back the police were here. My neighbors called because he was yelling etc The police cane in and he resisted and 4 fractured ribs and a pnethorax He was hospitalized for 6 days. and again 3 days before Christmas. This time they mean business. He was seen by 2 different doctors and they both agreed that he needs to be medicated. This is all new to me. It has never made it this far. He has been assigned an attorney to protect his rights but goes before a judge via zoom. His social worker told me that the judge will usually agree with the doctors and he will be forced to take hos meds one way or the other. I called the police on him the second time because he was talking out of his head. We have been together for over 40 years and he started talking about his brother who committed suicide before we met and he went into detail that I never heard in all of these years. He started yelling at me and anyone who might be listening to call the police so that they could kill him and that he was suicidal. I didn’t have any choice but i wanted them to not hurt him since he was still in a lot of pain. What a mess! I just don’t know what to expect next???:broken_heart:

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I am sorry to hear the police did that to him, don’t you feel guilty for calling them though he may be finally headed into the right direction. You say you have been together for 40 years, are you married? Because even though the hospital is doing this he may only be able to be held for a certain amount of time unless he is committed which where I come from it take two signatures and a brief description of how he is acting and if he said he wanted to be killed and fought with the police that should be enough. Talk with the social worker she should be able to give you good advice. Is this alcohol related or has been diagnosed with something. You don’t have to answer that just wondering. Make sure you also get in there and tell his worker and doctors anything you have been seeing going on with him. Sorry but what does a mental Hygiene arrest mean? I think I know just checking though.

No we are not married, it would have been easier to get him the help that he needs. His insight into his illness is almost nonexistent. The metal hygiene arrest is when thr police come and they can make a basic determination if he needs to be taken to the hospital even if they refuse.

Do you think that excessive force was used? Was he being very threatening – as in fighting?

I think it was a littlr excessive. I know he felt cornered and panicked when they tried to take him. He did resist and i was on the other side of the wall outside of his room. It happened so fast and then I couldn’t see him for 3 days. He called me and said that he had a hard time breathing and moving around. I told him to put the nurse on the phone and and was expressing my concerns and wanted him checked out, then came the news. I was shocked. Its under investigation and the police department had to let the state know about the incident

I’m so sorry @Laz for both of you.

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