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3rd Mental Hygiene Assest

It happened again but more severe. Jerry,y fiance and other half of 42 years has been deteriorating for months. He spends at least 18-20 hours a day talking to invisible people. Thia is taking me forever to post this because I’m shaking all over. Anyway i was on the uard today doing all kinds of yardwork, then i went to the store and when i came home he was filling a bird feeder and he started to mumble something then I said he looked tired. He told me it was because I and my neighbors are drugging him and he can’t remember anything anymore. I was exhausted and I just started to unload groceries and he smacked me in the bacl of my head andy glasses went flying. I ran downstairs and grabbed my keys. He walked in the other room and i tried to pit a few things in the refrigerator then leave. I forgot my medicine and he had already locked the door so i tried to use my keys amd he came flying out to the garage and tried to throw me on the floor but somehow I caught my balance and he smacked the back of my head and my glasses went flying and I cant see without them, hhe grabbed my keys out of my hand and locked himself inside. I told him i was leaving ans that i juat wannted to get my meds…he told me to die. My friend called me and I was all upset and she called 911. The police had to break down the dior because they heard him say he wokld harm himself. It took 4 officers to hold him down. They took him to the hospital and he was so psychotic that the officers heard how his voice changed almost to a different person. I am a bundle of nerves. Thia was hours ago and I still don’t know anything. There was blood on the floor and not from the officers

I’m so sorry. I think your friend did the right thing by calling 911.

Now the question is: how to keep him in the hospital! Hopefully someone will weigh in, because I have no experience. I think the assault part should warrant a transfer to something more long-term. Not jail, because he’s ill, but to a long-term psychiatric facility. Are there “mental health courts” where you live where if you press assault charges they will adjudicate it and refer him to a state mental hospital? I think some still exist.

How traumatizing this must be for you. I’m so sorry you are going through this.
He sounds pretty dangerous and you need to stay protected.
Can they give him a long lasting (normally 30 day) shot of meds?

I dont know. The social worker called me this morning for more info. I know they medicated or tranquilized him in thw ED. They told me he doesnt want to go back home but God will take him to heaven. I believe that is why they are keeping him. I know he is where he needs to be. I couldn’t get through to him no matter how hard i tried. But the whole situation has my heart shattered where it feels like it will never heal. Then i tell myself that maybe, just maybe he will get better and i will have my best friend back :broken_heart:

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This disease is so sad :worried: I hope he will get better :pray:

They can only tell me so much because of HIPPA. I wish. I did talk to hom a a very few minutes this afternoon and he was talking slowly so im assuming that they gave him something. He asked me to pick him up and it hurt so bad but i had to hold it in. He wanted me to bring him a few things but he was still in the emergency section of psych then they said they had a room around 2pm. I went up there at 4 and still have not moved him. I called at 8pm and still nothing, so probably just wandering around the halls in circles for more than 48 hours. How is that supposed to help? Its so darn frustrating. I am worried that he is going to feel that no one cares but no one can go into the emergency department except for themselves.

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Looks like your partner is in a severe state of psychosis. Medication will take a while to work through and from my experience it is very likely you will find a loving person back once he recovers. Take care of yourself, as it will take some time.