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Mental Hygiene Arrest!

I went looking to my fiance because he was so pit of it that he locked his car in the storage room without access until the next day. I saw him outside wandering around. I asked if he ate and he said he ate a can of vegetables out of the can. He looked terrible since he was gone for 6 days. I asked him to get into the car and it was going to rain. No. He told me that the police told him not to come back. A few days before police were here and one officer was ot very sympathetic and he believed the stories that my fiance was telling him!!! My fiance took off and I couldn’t see him since it was very dark out and I saw him walking down the street, all dark clothing, climbed a 30 foot fence, down an embankment and across a 6 lane expressway. He was exhausted. He still didnt want to get in my car but walted over and sat on the step. He eventually came in and finally laid down it was nearly 4am. Later his mail came and I knocked and he told me to come in. He asked if I would run his back. Hes so thin and lost more weight He started mumbling and told me that I was in on it with all of the bad people. He started to freak out and I knew I had to get out of his room. I told him that I had to use the bathroom and he slapped my face calling me a liar. I tried to leave and he pulled me down, my glasses went flying he told me to find them, I cant see without them. He held me down and wouldn’t let me up. I screamed for my brother. I few minutes later my fiance said I could use the bathroom and that he loved me. (I wonder if the voices that he’s hearing are like that) I saw my brother outside on the phone and I told my fiance that I would be right back and 2 minutes later the police were here since my brother called. The police had a very hard time getting him out of his room. He was very scared. He thought the police were going to kill him. The police had a therapist with then, and they eventually had to break a few windows and pepper ball to get him out. They took him to the hospital via ambulance. I wake up having panic attacks, especially lately, I know this is for the best and I should take the time for myself but at the same time I am worried about him and his family hasn’t been there for him. Sorry I’m jumping all over the board but I am. I cant sit still. I dont know what is going to happen when I see him at the hospital or when he gets out??? This is so similar to 2019 when my fiance broke his window with a chair, but this time the police did. He is probably pacing around stewing, and planning something when he gets out. He was smoking a lot and then nothing and he only had eggs hours before. I am so worried about him

When he came back in I told him that he was not going to jail or the hospital in order to reassure him and now he is going to feel like I ser him up. I know he desperately needs help and I hope and pray that he doesn’t refuse treatment again!

Perhaps it is totally the best place for him: the hospital. If he is violent to you, you could press charges and maybe the judge will court order meds. That is the ONLY thing that saved my daughter from psychosis: a court order for meds from a judge.

It seems you’ve been trying a long time (years) to help him. Maybe he will never agree to take meds without being forced but you need to figure out how to keep yourself safe.

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I have to agree with lady blue. Without treatment, medication, there’s just no fighting with his voices, and as hard as it is watching our loved ones suffer, dealing with the crazy flip flop that somehow allows them to talk to others in a sudden moment like everything is normal and WE are the perpetrators, to not be believed in the midst of the psychosis and abuse only moments earlier… it’s too much. I know it well as many others here do. But that hurt and suffering, our own dedication, our own love, means nothing if we are letting our own bodies be subjected to violence that’s very possible to result in our own very real death. My heart is with you. Please, do what you need to do to keep yourself safe. Perhaps now that the officers had to resort to such measures, there will be an incident on record that speaks entirely to your credibility, and from here you will be able to advocate for him getting the treatment that he needs.

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So, my brother has had schizophrenia for over 35 years. The best thing I ever did was to get a court order for treatment. I also became his guardian and conservator. He was so sick from drinking too much fluid that after his last hospitalization with help form the hospital social worker, we were able to get him admitted to a Medicaid nursing home. He has lived there for 4 years. He is stable, safe, and receives adequate care. Best gift I ever gave him and myself. He is happy not mad at me! GET HELP from the courts and mental health professionals ASAP before you end up having a nervous breakdown. I too have been there. I am sorry you are going through this without anyone helping either of you.

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Thank you. I understand. Only problem is that the hospital kept him less than 24 hours and no where to go so i picked him up. When i did my brother left. He went and filed charges of harassment on him. Now court next month and its really setting him off. My brother and sisters are behind this because they want the house sold and $ in their pockets. I am so disgusted. I am so lost and exhausted right now. He wont stop talking. I woke up Sunday morning thinking he was going to shower, nope, he was taking everything out of the linen closet to look in the attic for a trace that there were people up there. Th3n he

Then he refused to put everything back so i had to. He makes things for himself to eat and doesnt clean up. But the constant talking is making me nuts!!! (earplugs dont work and i leave almost every night just to calm myself of only for a hour or so) and come back and of course hes still going strong.

I am so sorry that you are being disturbed by your loved one’s behavior, the night screaming/talking is very common. I had earplugs, a fan and a noise machine going, as well as a tv, to try to drown out the noise and get some sleep.

Only you can decide how to handle your situation, but please, do not hesitate to call the police each time there is an assault (threat of harm) or battery (unwanted touching). And try again and again to find the solutions that work. I wish you the best.