Missing my fam

Hey all,
Just missing my family a little bit more this time of year. Everyones back to school. This particular year, my brother moved out of state. Hope hes having some fun. Anyway big changes to happen soon with new baby girl, I will be an aunt…again.
Ready for a major change to happen to me, but feeling stuck with a disease and run down alot of the time. Hope I can stay active and more apart of everything.

Hi kristina! :hatched_chick:

Sorry to hear you’re missing your family so much. The holidays will be here before you know it and you’ll be with all of them celebrating soon enough though! :evergreen_tree:

Is that your cat in your profile pic? Whats his name? He’s cute! One of my cats has a similar look! :tiger:

Anyways, hope you feel better soon! :grinning:

ttyl! :tophat:


   It is always good to have something to look forward to, and the holidays with everthing that they bring, are definitely something. I have been blessed with a warm and large family so it will be good times.
   Yes that is my cat :smile: His name is Prince Harry. Nothing but the best for him. A good source of therapy. He is soo cute. And its nice you have one similar. 
    Thanks again for your post. Ttys.


Yeah I’m looking forward to the holidays I wish it was Christmas and I was with my whole family. My dad kept a lot of important stuff. I found a bunch after he moved out. I found letters to my mom, school grade reports. Things that make me proud of my family.

I love Christmas, but don’t forget about Halloween. Apple cider, leaves changing, lions, tigers, and bears. It will be great to get together with everyone though. Its nice to hear your dad kept all that stuff, and that you are proud of your family. Ttys. Kristina