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Money for taking pills


I have never even as much as concidered to pay my children for doing homework or chores.
, However, today i have offered my adult daughter $5 for each pill she takes. She first said NO, but quickly said YES and even lied to me that she has taken twice as many pills as she actually had in the last three days. (She is in the hospital by court order and has no choice anyway). To her obvious lie i said NO. She then said she was just kidding.
I am willing to pay her for her monthly shots when they release her.

I got the idea from the book "i am not sick. I don’t need help"
Wish me luck with that.


I think you do what works.

When my son didn’t want to take his meds and had no insight, I asked him what I could do to get him to take them. He said absolutely nothing, not even money.

I’d have willingly given him $5 a pill to get him compliant.


Noooooo. Never offer money for them to take pills. It never works out and they will just see you as a bank account they can take from whenever they want and manipulate, trust me, my fiancé’s mom did that with his chores. Paying for the shot is fine, but eventually wouldn’t she have an insurance that could cover it? Is your daughter disabled?


I just started that book. I have always been of the mindset “whatever works” when it comes to getting our kids well again.


I like that book.

I wish you luck.


To Doctor:
I am not and never will be paying her for doing chores. Only to take the medication. I have been supporting her anyway as she cannot work and has no money. But now my support will be linked to taking medication

I am talking about paying her for taking it and not for the medication costs. Although i will pay for the costs if needed. I don’t know yet if she will be covered.
I already promised her to pay and will not back off cause i need to work on creating trust with her (i am the “wrong doer” who twice applied for the court order in order to put her in the hospital.


To Catherine snd to Hereandhere
My eldest daughter follows the LEAP technique and was able to rebuild the trust with her sister


I’m aware and I understand, I just think that that’s not a really good option as she might try to manipulate and scam you if she gets too comfortable. She wouldn’t use that money to buy drugs or a bus ride elsewhere, would she?


She definitely will !
She will do all of the above. I am in for a long fight.
As far as the bus. As soon as she takes off she will have no money. But without the pills she will hitchhike anyway


Yeah, maybe to prevent that you should allot her the money and she can ask you to buy her whatever she wants with the balance she has from taking each pill.


I haven’t read that book but I’ve heard it’s really good. I was going to pay my son to take his monthly shot if I had to. I didn’t have to as he got well enough fast enough that he started to understand what had happened. I would do ANYTHING to keep him on his meds, oral or injection. I hope your daughter gets well very soon! Thanks for sharing.

Oh, and my son said he was taking the meds in the hospital and he was cheeking them. After they found that out, we got a court order and they started giving him his shots and watching him swallow his pills.


I wouldn’t think twice about doing it. They need the meds in them to get stable and start thinking clear. Once 6 months, a year, whatever, goes by you can reassess it. Hopefully she’ll start having some clarity and will be compliant without the money eventually. If not, I’d rather have my son stable no matter the cost. I’d give the money any day. My son became clear after a few months and i didn’t need to pay him. I would pay him though. They can’t think right when they’re not well.


I haven’t gotten through the book yet so I looked up ‘LEAP’ to see what it was… and decided to post the link if anyone would like to see it…very interesting